What Will It Take?

I find myself asking this frequently, yet deep inside I know the answer. It will come from a spiritual level rather than physical. But, for now, I tap into the logical side of my brain and ponder the question. But first, a story.

Most don’t understand what I mean when I say I live my life from a spiritual place, but I mention that in explaining WHY I moved to Oklahoma.

I was living in Minneapolis in 1999, with my then husband and 3 young sons. Having had enough, I gave my ex-husband a choice; his job that consumed his life as a retail sales manager, or his family? He chose the job.

I was done. I wanted out of our then 12 year marriage. Almost as soon as that happened he was whisked off to Oklahoma City, transferred within 2 weeks.

Very uncertain of what I was going to do, my sons and I spent a week at a cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota with my BFF and her family. No sign of human existence in sight. The call of my soulful friend the loon nearby, gave me my answer.

It wasn’t a question of “What is best for ME?” But, a prayer, “God, what is it that you want me to do?”

“Move to Oklahoma with your sons so they don’t grow up without a father,” came the reply. I trusted the request and listened.

While living in Oklahoma, I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself, “Who the hell does this?” or I was asked by others “Who the hell does that?” But, I knew deep in my heart it was what I was being called to do. Answering “the call” was something I had long gotten used to by this time, so there was never any hesitation.

Six long very difficult and traumatic years were to be endured. The world I suddenly found myself in was backwards and filled with so much pettiness, anger, and hatred, Coming from a state that was once coined with the term “Minnesota Nice”, it was a world extremely difficult for me to comprehend.

The whole time I was there, that little voice inside was telling me, “Denise, one day you need to write a book.” When I finally got out I eventually set out to do just that. Over several years time, I “birthed” the manuscript for my book The Advocate, (finally nearing its publishing time now) the title chosen because it was the role I found most significant as a nurse.

One of my biggest questions as I dug deeper into my writing was “What makes Oklahoma so deplorable?” I always said there was a Cancerous gas in the air and it was rapidly spreading.

I started looking for answers both on the internet and at the library. The number of various topics that popped up was expansive, but the one that spoke the loudest and explained the most was the Oklahoma City bombing.

Having visited the bombing memorial several times, I often wondered “How could something so atrocious happen in a small town city like this?” So much about it didn’t add up in my analytical brain.

Several books existed on the topic written by various entities involved. They all came to the same conclusion, “There’s more to the story here!” The internet became my best resource in finding articles and accounts of what occurred days and weeks following the bombing. Numerous accounts of people who had somehow been involved, killed after the heinous event. Somewhere during my research I knew I had to print hard copy knowing the sites I was on would eventually be erased, and many were.

The biggest telling story was an account of what what happened to a man, Kenneth Michael Trentadue at the Federal Holding Facility housed at Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City. (Many Oklahomans completely unaware that this Federal Holding Prison even exists)

On August 21st, 1995, he was arrested, detained there, and several days later brutally abused and murdered. His family received a phone call, being told Kenneth committed “suicide” and that his body was going to be cremated, the ashes to be sent to them. That was not to happen as Kenneth’s brother, Jesse Trentadue, was a prominent Salt Lake City, Utah lawyer.

What was to follow was years of ongoing investigation and litigation into Kenneth’s death, uncovering many telling facts that proved the Oklahoma City bombing was something much bigger than the mainstream media’s storyline.

http://kennethtrentadue.com/index.html (Warning: Extremely Graphic)

I, at one point, decided to call and talk to Jesse Trentadue myself. I guess to verify the facts and the reality of what I was trying to wrap my brain around. This phone call was my “What Will it Take?” moment.

Immediately I started an entirely different search. Instead of a focus on Oklahoma, I started expanding it out and looking at our country and various events whose storylines didn’t connect.

Very shortly after making this discovery back in 2008, Obama was put in office. He chose his attorney general, Eric Holder.

BIG RED FLAG. I knew that name! Eric Holder had been the Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton and his role at the time was to cover up Trentadue’s murder, and other like deaths following the bombing. There being at least 11 known total, including an El Reno prisoner guard, a OKC police officer, and a doctor who had been at the bomb site the morning of, helping victims. He had been approached by ATF agents, who arrived on the scene after the fact, asked to be bandaged to make it look like they had been injured.

Let me comment, at the time I spoke with Jesse Trentadue, he told me if I ever wanted any more information to go to his website. (Good reason I’m not typing it here!)


(excerpt from article where Jesse Trentaude points to a scathing 4-page letter (PDF) he sent to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Dec. 19, 2008.)

In a footnote appearing on page one of that letter, Trentadue noted the following:
“Despite the destruction of evidence, the court awarded my family a $1 million judgment.  We have used that money to offer a $250,000 reward for the people who killed Kenney.  That offer is posted at:  www.kmtreward.com.  This site also contains the irrefutable evidence that my brother was murdered, which evidence was kept from us by the Justice Department.”

Once Holder was made Obama’s attorney general, I checked that website. Jesse’s site had been replaced (back in 2008) by some sort of novelty online shopping site. When I reread my manuscript this past spring, getting to the point where I mention this, I rechecked that website. To put it mildly, I was blown away!!!

Not sure at first what I was looking at as these Chinese symbols started popping up, then photos and videos. Suddenly I realized, the URL had been turned into a Chinese porn site!!!

(I just rechecked!! This still blows my mind! If you click that link above which was copied and pasted from Jesse Trentadue’s letter, that is what it takes one to! A Chinese porn site!!! Not suggesting that you do … but that is what you’ll find. No accident there!!!! Also, a whole other story to be visited at a later date!)

My point … There are SO MANY STORIES in the mainstream media that DO NOT ADD UP!!! Of course, mainstream media has painted the label of CONSPIRACY THEORY on all of them. They use their brainwashing tools to convince a large portion of the dumbed down population that people who believe these theories are nut jobs, crazies, “racist”, and on and on.

Well, I for one, don’t need someone to confirm what I do and do not know. My time as a professional critical care nurse taught me how to think fast, and be analytical. People’s lives depended on it. And, I was really good at it. I don’t need others telling me what is fact and what is fiction.

But my question remains, especially to the masses out there who are thinking they are going to vote the Biden/Harris ticket…What will it take? When will you, out of curiosity, lay down your bias and start looking at actual facts? Put down the vitriol and hatred for Trump and start using common sense? Become your own investigative journalist?

To quote Patrick Henry….

For the Revolution Begins With Me!

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