Life’s Lessons Due to CoVid

Once we realized the corona virus was here to stay, and that masks were going to be mandatory, our 14 year old daughter, starting her 9th grade year, decided to be 100% homeschooled.

I agreed with her decision, already not overly excited about many dynamics within the public school system, watching first hand as a temporary employee since her start in kindergarten.. Most significantly, the direction of the curriculum and the decline in actual education. My oldest having started in public school over 25 years ago, it was an obvious alternative.

My life’s choices years ago, and the fact school wasn’t “in person”, meant I would be available for one on one instruction with her. Fascinating, in my mind, how the universe works, putting me in the position of teaching in the middle schools over the last several years. I feel I was prepped just for this moment.

I obtained a list of the curriculum she would have had in public school. With the help of her piano instructor who has homeschooled for the last several years, we were given a litany of the best home school options. We chose one we felt would give her the best well rounded and most organized learning.

Being in band, playing the French horn, we also made arrangements for her to have in home private lessons with a local band instructor, someone recommended as the top hornist from the instructors at the local state college.

Well aware her home school class schedule was more intense compared to what she would have had at public school, we knew it would mean commitment and self-discipline on both of our parts. I also knew she had the qualities within her to make this feasible, an end result to help prep her for college.

Having the flexibility at the very beginning of the year, we were allowed opportunities we would otherwise not have been granted. Come October though, it was time to find routine and get locked into a more daily schedule.

Frustration on both or our parts was confronted as we began the process. Her homeschool program setting out a specific daily schedule. One we both initially felt we needed to stay locked into, having a set school end date in mind.

Initially, I found myself getting overwhelmed. We had to repeat certain topics multiple times because the information wasn’t sinking in, especially when it came to French, a topic I studied years ago, but by far something I’m prolific in. Fortunately, we are blessed with a friend who is a middle school French teacher who has offered her help when it’s needed.

Somewhere through the course of this month though, the idea of “LETTING GO” started easing into my mind, well honestly, into my whole being.

Still releasing the bonds of a time in my life when I had to live in “survival mode”. Something many are just beginning to enter now, I know what that strong hold on self feels like. Extremely oppressive at times.

I’ve been working my way back to a place of equilibrium, having been an undertaking since my youngest son made it out of school six years ago.

The “Letting go” process gradually becoming more of a daily sensation. The “Just Be” mentality starting to take over.

We don’t have to get everything done in one day just because it’s on her agenda. We don’t have to keep pushing forward if she’s not grasping a subject. We CAN stop and take time to make sure she really understands what she is being taught. Or, better yet, stop just to enjoy a rare moment in life.

Funny thing, as I find myself becoming more relaxed about teaching, and the pace we take, although she’s still a teen and grumbles at times about having to do school work, I find her enjoying the time we spend together, learning much more. There’s more laughter, more creative and diverse discussions. I’m sensing this is only the beginning.

We do have a rare opportunity, not saying there’s not huge financial sacrifices, but that’s not new. I/we have been making those since I decided to leave the nursing profession almost 20 years ago.

My priority is my children. And each and every one has taught me valuable lessons. Because I was not locked into the daily grind of a career, I have been able to really focus on the value of what each one of them brings. Truly making my life rich and rewarding, something money can’t buy.

As my years of parenting adolescent children nears its end, I am poised to learn what my sole daughter has to teach me, as I watch her grow into the beautiful woman she is meant to become.

My bottom line take away lesson…Life is short. Each and every moment is so very precious. I have four more years left with my daughter, and an intention to “Let go” of any preconceived ideas. I plan to live in the moment and make those years our very best.

Great change in our country is inevitable. It’s already happening. I’m the one who decides what my life becomes in the process. For me there only is one option and that’s to live in the moment … for the Revolution Begins With Me.

8 thoughts on “Life’s Lessons Due to CoVid

  1. Great life lesson. I had to take my son out of public school about 4 1/2 years ago, about a month after Christmas break during my son’s seventh grade year. We’ve had quite a journey together so far.

      • I’ve written a little bit about our educational journey, but a year into it I experienced a very unexpected shift in consciousness immediately followed by Kundalini energy opening in me. Dealing with a profound and extremely challenging ascension process has made educating my son a hundred times more challenging, just because I’ve been such a mess (but am on the upswing). And yes, this is his senior year.

  2. It’s amazing how life prepares us for what lies ahead without us ever realizing in the process of it. I always say there are no ordinary moments and I’m sure you both have adjusted to the newness of home schooling/teaching and how different life is these days. I think she is a very wise young lady in her choices and how lucky for her to have you to support her.

    • The more one tunes into the synchronicity of life, the more synchronicity life has to share. “No coincidences” in this world. All a thread to something much bigger! All a part of the Dream Weave!!!
      Thank you again for your kind words…I am the lucky one! My “helper of mankind” (meaning of her name) was brought to me as a gift during my 40th year. My oldest son 18! Lol
      No relationship with mine own mother…3 sons of my own. She was sent for me to heal old wounds. This time very special for both of us.
      Do you have children of your own??

      • You are speaking from my heart and I couldn’t agree more.
        I am so happy you were blessed with your “helper of mankind.” I get wonderful vibrations from her and I believe that she will fulfill an important role, helping many others along the way, including you. 🙏🏼
        I’ve lost my mother last year and I have chased her love my entire lifetime. In the end, I think she accepted and saw me as her daughter, but it hurts to just think of all the lost years.
        I have lost two children, pre birth and it took me a long time trying to come to terms. Sometimes it is hard to understand that everything happens for a reason and has purpose. Sometimes we will never know the lessons a certain event was suppose to teach us.

      • I get such intense vibes from you. I was picking up that you had children but somehow they had passed on to a more glorious realm. Much prayers and love for the pain in brings to you. Especially dealing with death daily, always knew there was nothing more painful.

        Its a grand journey we’ve embarked on! Thrilled to encounter a fellow spiritual warrior! I sense our deeper purpose soon to present itself!
        Heading out to do MY part soon and vote!! Going to be the beginning of new wild times ahead for certain.
        Namaste my friend! 🦋🕊🦋🕊

      • Thank you very much. It means so much. It used to be very painful and for many years I felt a hole, something missing and incomplete. I have since come to terms I think and I have accepted that some questions will never be answered. I trust that everything has a reason, even if I don’t get an answer. I have to trust it was for my higher good. Maybe there would have been complications with child birth, maybe I wasn’t able to support and nourish her he baby in the womb, something, anything that wasn’t right.
        I can say the same about you and I am excited to learn more about your journey and where and how we join our purpose for an even greater good. Much love to you my friend.
        Namaste 🙏🏼

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