“Trust in Yourself”

All my adult life I’ve had this overwhelmingly strong connection to the Native American culture. The way they lived before white man came in and destroyed their land and their way of life.

Always in tune to wildlife and the animals I encountered. Respecting and finding the amazing beauty in all. No surprise, several decades ago when I first learned of animal totems, or spirit animals.

Animals from the turkey vulture to the coyote, bald eagle to moles, cranes to deer, (the day after the election the most wonderous stag!) all have been very wise council to me over the years.

This Sunday I was prompted to look a bit closer at a specific animal that’s been in my life all summer, but actually ended up getting backseat to a couple others.

We live in the country, relatively isolated, but next to us we have neighbors who now have a deserted barn. It sits right off our property line. A mother skunk decided it would be a great place to raise her family. Opening our windows most of the season was not an option.

One of our cats, the young inquisitive, overly friendly male, was the first to let us know they were around. I was to learn tomato juice does not actually cut the smell once sprayed.

Sunday, I discovered something had been in our garage. Monday I found the visitor. It was one of the skunk family members. He thought our garage a good new living space, the barn closed up for the winter.

Monday night I set a trap, Tuesday morning I found success. My daughter and I released it several miles away near a small pond. The amazing thing to me, through the whole ordeal, it never “raised a stink”. It just wanted to make me aware that the message it carried for me was building in importance.

The skunk is one of the most widely recognized mammals, but one of the most misunderstood. What wise council had it come to share?

He had several messages …

How to give respect, expect respect, and demand respect. But first, build up your self-confidence and develop your strength and sense of independence. You will have the respect to get where you wish to be.

Skunk moves along at its own pace. Self assured and confident. It wants to teach the same. Be more self-assured and know how to assert yourself. It presents the opportunity to become more confident with your interaction with others.

Skunk wants to teach us how to get more attention without being arrogant and irritating. Symbolizes the importance of being who you are and living authentically without caring about other’s opinions.

Skunks are fearless, but they are also very peaceful. They move slowly and calmly. They only spray as a last resort. Because they are peaceable by nature, they always give warnings before spraying. They teach us to meet life’s challenges with a calm and peaceful heart.

Skunks spray from the moment their eyes are open. This reflects the intense energy levels that individuals with this totem are often born with. They place an emphasis on being distinct. Trusting in yourself and living on your own terms by setting your own boundaries Walk your talk is the only way to set an example for others.

Their are both spotted and striped skunks. The striped the most common, with either a double or single stripe. This is an indication of the active flow of kundalini or life force. Individuals with this totem, the kundalini is usually already active. Skunk shows up at a time to amplify and to teach the control and use of t his life force more effectively.

A solitary animal for the most part, skunks remind us there are times best for drawing towards people and times best to avoid them. Finding the correct balance will bring prosperity. Also urges you to rely on yourself more.

Skunks are usually quite silent. It is good for those with this totem not to blow their own horns. Sit back and let others do the noticing for you. Skunks teach us when its best to be noticed and how to go about it most effectively.

When skunk shows up as a totem you are going to have opportunities to bring new respect and self-esteem in your life. Don’t worry about your reputation. Its only what you think of yourself that matters. The rest will follow.

You have the courage and will power to “raise a stink” and to make right something that is wrong. Justice needs to prevail at this time. You do not need to “spray” to be compelling. Your reputation proceeds you. Stand your ground calmly and with confidence.

What animals have entered your life in the physical world or in a dream? They are most likely trying to tell you something.

Animals bring me significant advice that is so relative when they do. Skunk was no exception. I needed to hear the message he brought.

I will always have my eyes and ears open, especially to the beauty of nature. One more step for my betterment because … the Revolution Begins With Me.

Notes taken from Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews

Spirit Animals Totems https://www.spirit-animals.com/skunk-symbolism/

9 thoughts on ““Trust in Yourself”

  1. Ah what a neat story and no surprise we share our connection to animals and their spirit messages. This summer and most others I had squirrels in my backyard, demanding their food rations every day. Momma squirrel introduced me to 6 babies one day as they all came by the patio where I would leave food. It was such a delight. Then they moved out and a rabbit moved in instead. On trails animals such as deer have walked right besides me, never feeling threatened. I think itโ€™s the same that happened to your skunk. He picked up on to energy and felt safe. Here is another message about his visit.
    Be assertive and stand your ground as necessary, and donโ€™t let yourself be manipulated or pushed around. Make your self-respect and dignity a top priority, offering the same respect to others. Youโ€™re taking yourself far too seriously and need to relax, and trust that everything is all right. Itโ€™s a good time to deal directly and honestly with that person in your life whom you find so irritating and overbearing. Your sensuality and sexuality are in a heightened state right now, so explore the uses of natural scents and essential oils.

    • No surprises with you I think on anything. We’ll see. Lol Love the momma squirrel introducing you to her babies. ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฐ
      Absolutely on the animals not feeling threatened. They sense the energy we put off.
      There were many messages with “skunk”. Actually I pulled the ones that truly resonated with me. There is something about the scents and me learning more about natural oils though.
      Off to start a new day. Another gorgeous one here in Mid-Missouri on the Oasis. Keeping elevated above the insanity out there. You do the same! Peace Sister ๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿฆ‹

    • I love to see a kangaroo or a wombat in the wild one day! Not to mention your beautiful ocean life! Though sadness as I hear the great barrier reef is disappearing. Thank you for checking out my blog! One Love ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ•Š

  2. As I was reading, I kept thinking about the book, Animal Speak, which I have. Thanks for sharing this as I didn’t know about the significance of the skunk as a totem to active Kundalini! After reading this I’m surprised I haven’t seen any skunks prowling our large, country yard. Kundalini has been very active within me for the past 3+ years. What we get most often here are deer, opossum, rabbits, coyotes, bobcats, and once in a long while some bears and once a cougar. Because we’re by a small river where salmon spawn, this time of year we have many bald eagles around as well.

    • Bobcats and bear!! Wow! We have bald eagles in the bluffs but no salmon in the rivers! Maybe that skunk will show up soon! Lol
      Animals Speaks is one of many books I use for my totems, but Ted Andrews is by far the most thorough! Appreciate you checking out my blog! One Love!!

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