Seeking the Truth

I am a seeker of truth. And, I am a lover of light. Those are not mere words. For, it is only in the light that the truth can be found.

This has been a hard week for the majority to witness and be a part of. The whole year seemingly about tearing our country a part, and fractioning its people. Its no real surprise that the election is FINALLY over and the mayhem of what we’re witnessing is the result.

I passionately believe in the right of each individual to have their own beliefs. So, when our country is tearing each other apart because people don’t like the same candidate as me, something has gone greatly astray.

“United we stand, Divided we fall” has been a motto that’s been in my head about as far back as I can remember. I think more than ever in any time of my life it is relative.

That being said, if both sides of the political parties don’t agree that THE TRUTH NEEDS TO BE FOUND, we will be fractured as a country. And, I hate to say it, but that is exactly what the people who truly are controlling us are looking for.

There is so much NOT RIGHT about what is happening now. To me, as a writer, perhaps the most highly offensive issue I am seeing is the blatant censorship by big tech and mass media outlets. If things are truly as they appear to be, why is it that what certain people are saying is being censored more blatantly than ever before in my 55 year history?

I’m all about transparency. When transparency is NOT allowed, there’s no bigger red flag to make me wonder what certain entities are trying to hide.

Another huge problem I am seeing with what I read one foreign blogger call “The Looney Tunes Show,” for certainly it appears that way to people watching from outside our borders. Hell, it seems that way to me! Why is main stream media the source making the call in this election? This is a legal matter, and needs to be handled as such.

There are so many unanswered questions, and so much suspicious activity, with people coming out not just in the contested states, but in countless others saying they have witnessed suspicious activity. That they do not feel comfortable with things they have witnessed or have been asked to do.

Perhaps it’s my own personal history as a critical care nurse, and the fact that when I started speaking up about blatant careless unnecessary deaths, that I was the one ostracized in a huge way, and my name slandered. Hence, making my fury for these people’s voices to be heard even more emboldened.

In my opinion, there should be no decision made on the winner of the election until all legal matters have been resolved and all questionable recounts allowed. It seems to me, if the other side truly did win, they wouldn’t feel it a necessity to be pushing through their narrative.

Then to see, the former vice president literally bragging about having “put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization”. That really makes me want to find answers.

I am a seeker of truth, and there are far too many unanswered questions about way too much suspicious activity. I for one will not be satisfied as an American until resolve has been brought to innumerable, never before witnessed activities involved in this election.

It is my belief if citizens truly believe in the sanctity of our Constitution, and the election process of our country, it doesn’t matter which side of the isle you’re on, that they would be wanting the truth to be allowed to be uncovered. A frightening precedent is being created if due process is not allowed, particularly in the highest office of our country.

I am about unifying our country. Bringing us back together in a world of peace. Eradicating hate and prejudice. We are on the precipice of losing all this country stands for. If we can not come together now in agreement of seeking out the truth, all that this country stands for will soon be gone.

This is a tough and harrowing time to be living through but living in a state of fear or anxiety is only going to lower the vibration. We need to be bringing light to the situation so with complete illumination the truth can be revealed.

For me, this time is one of keeping calm. One of staying grounded. Loving and uniting with my family. And extending kindness to everyone I meet. I have faith in my God. I know that He is the one who is truly in charge. I move forward in peace … for The Revolution Begins With Me.

13 thoughts on “Seeking the Truth

  1. Instant voting. You get an encrypted number with your finger/thumb print, register it a month before (no less) leading up to vote day, go to your computer and vote. If any of that combination appears anywhere else it is automatically deleted and owner contacted for re-vote. The vote can be seen by the owner at any time with that number and print to ensure its authenticity. It would be instant, virus/disease proof and only cost a few dollars for the thumb print and number. After election ALL thumb prints are to be deleted.
    But to be quite honest, I’d rather a big block of chocolate. It doesn’t cause anywhere near the stress 😂 🤣

  2. Respectfully agree to disagree.
    If we don’t uncover the truth, our fall is imminent.
    The lies and deceit are rising to the surface and people’s eyes opening. This election only accelerating the process.
    Cognitive dissonance needs to end.
    This paradigm is COMPLETELY collapsing making rise for not just a more peaceful loving country, but a more peaceful loving planet. Namaste! 🕊🦋

  3. I agree with the majority of your post Denise. Certainly, we are much too divisive in our country and politics, but that has been growing for years as a product of the outdated two-party machine and corrupted by big money, media, and corporations who have too much influence in our politics. We need many reforms like repealing Citizens United, term limits, free press, no lifetime salary and benefits for politicians, and relearning the arts of respect, listening, and compassion. New leadership can and will help. Joe Biden has a history of working to unite people and parties, along with a much better character as a person.

    • Thank you for your kind words!! My mission … to not cause a further rift…but to find THE TRUTH because without we will never be moving in a direction that truly benefits mankind! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! One Love! 🕊🦋

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