The Magic in Numbers

The first time I was exposed to the significance of numbers was almost 20 years ago. I thought the concept foreign, but interesting.  A Physician’s Assistant I was working with in the transplant ICU as a critical care nurse initially shared, telling me that when the number 11:11 appears it means angels are watching you. It began frequently finding its way into our lives.

We eventually would start dating, and as he didn’t like my birthdate, December 23rd, being so close to Christmas, he “changed” it to 11/11. This was significant being Veteran’s Day and him a veteran, a combat medic during the Vietnam War.

Five years after this number was given meaning, as I began to write my first book, The Advocate, the number 11:11 started showing itself quite frequently, as did many other synchronicities in my life. Synchronicities I would hone in on and really start being attention to.

Tickets to Bob Segar’s farewell concert. My favorite band during high school. Seen him twice before.
Of course I had to get seats in row 111!

Through several of life’s larger transitions, and during every period I needed to dig deeper into myself spiritually, the numbers would start popping back up. Not just 11:11 any more, but other repeating numbers. By this time, I had discovered their relevance as “Angel Numbers”, the Universe at large speaking to anyone paying attention.

Perhaps, one of my most memorable moments of “numbers” speaking to me was three years ago, when I was headed back home to Minnesota for my 35th high school class reunion, a three day event I had been in charge of organizing. An eight hour drive turned into eleven hours (there’s that number again) after forgetting my wallet while stopping for food, but not realizing until an hour and a half down the road.

My 11 year old daughter along side me, we ended up stopping at the first hotel we seen after crossing the Minnesota border. Of course, it was off Exit 11. We checked in at the front desk, “Room 38,” the clerk told us.

Going to unlock the door, I stopped with a pause, as did my daughter. Looking at the number on the door, and thinking closer to what the clerk had just audibly said, “Room 38”. I exclaimed a loud, “Wow!” That was the name of the restaurant/bar my youngest son worked at, my two younger sons both really good friends with the owners.

Many more times that weekend, triple digit numbers would appear before us. The Magic of the Universe making Herself known.

Wrapping the reunion up, I was with a good friend I had known since my earliest memories of the age of 3 or 4. We were at the lake I had called my “second home” as a child.

After taking a walk down along the water, along with my husband, we ended up back at the pavilion where we had picnicked with our classmates. Everything else had been picked up and put away except two large Mylar balloons with our class year on them, “83.” Only in the wind, they had turned themselves around, “38”.

Wow! I had not thought of or noticed that before. Telling my friend about our stop at the hotel, someone who is like minded as me, she pointed out, 8+3=11. There was my number again!

Last year, once again, with great transitions happening in my life, repetitive numbers everywhere. Not so much, 11 anymore, but mostly 444, and then, in the month of December 555. All month long, there it was, everywhere, 555! It wasn’t until a couple days before my birthday, that it hit me. I was turning 55!

The numbers 555, one of several meanings, “A Major Change Is Coming Your Way,” the most relevant. It made so much sense. I had been on a 15 year mission to return my Soul to Self. All cues and synchronicities leading up that moment, knowing I was very close. Transition, a new life outside my door, for I had done the hard work.

Greater Magic awaits me on this journey (and anyone else who cares to open their minds to the magick and synchronicities of life)  … for Revolution Begins With Me.

10 thoughts on “The Magic in Numbers

  1. Hello my dear sister, it is magical indeed and we are so in tune of seeing the signs and signals that the universe shows us. 555 appeared again for me just a few days ago. Yesterday a hawk crossed my path in the most unusual way…twice. And I did draw a card from the secret rebels deck as well and yes, I have it 🤗. We are being divinely guided and it fills my soul with bliss to walk with you. ❤️

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! I so agree!! Your responses are like gems to me when I receive them! Constantly putting a smile on my face or touching my heart and soul in a much deeper way!
      I love that you have the Sacred Rebels deck! In no way surprised!!
      The hawk interesting….did you check it’s meaning?? Makes me think of this summer when we had three plumbers out here doing some major wo
      rk. The chickens out and this hawk came out of nowhere and tried to take one. All of us so near to witness. Never did check its meaning. You have me curious now!!
      I FINALLY got my copy of Blessed Are The Weird ordered!! Reading on the plane/beach!! My belly getting knots in it at times. Keeping moving forward!!!
      So much love sister!!

      • Defend yourself the end the worthwhile #23 is what I drew form the deck.
        I did check the meaning of the hawk and will write a post about it. Spot on as always.
        Oh and my book arrived yesterday and I read the introduction last night in bed 😉
        I came across another one I ordered that I want to have a look at before recommending to you. It won’t get here until December 6th or so, but I have a feeling it holds more information for our journey. These things appear just when we need them. Stay tuned 🤗

      • Very true, especially when having an open mind and being able to see even the scary ones as opportunities. I think probably more true with a tarot deck.

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