“Oil Can!”

March 2020. Pre-Covid.
Making bigger strides this year!

After close to a month off due to travel and holiday plans, I started back exercising Monday, doing workouts from home. Mostly focusing on yoga for a while to regain some flexibility.

Aches and pains finding there way into my joints where I haven’t been used to feeling them. “Has my age finally caught up with me?” My mind wonders reflecting on my birthday that just passed.

Going back to my favorite Seane Corn, Detox video, one that incorporates stretches and twists through a great variety of asanas. Ultimately releasing tremendous tension and unknown stress.

After the first few vinyasas, my body is seriously feeling it!! “OIL CAN!!” I hear the tinman’s request loud in my head as I experience the pulling of tendons and tissues, proclaiming my stiffness more loudly than typical.

My neck pops and creeks, audibly confirming the dissatisfaction of my body to the fact I took some time off. A painful reminder of exactly why I don’t like to hiatus from my workouts, because returning hurts as if starting over.

It’s a good hurt though. One that is becoming less intense with each new stretch. Finding some relief, only to go further into the bend.

The end comes and I am greeted with the physical relief of not all, but at least some of my physical pain. Tomorrow is another day, and I will keep “oiling” my joints until I am once again moving pain-free with the flexibility of a teenager.

My point, starting a new exercise routine is never easy.


The first thing you need is MOTIVATION! Motivation to not only start, but to carry you through the sticking points of “This hurts too much! It isn’t worth it!”

It hurts because your muscles aren’t conditioned. They’re screaming at you for not utilizing them the way they were meant to be used. Too much time sitting behind a computer or laying on the couch.

Listen to that hurt. I say there’s a good pain and a bad one. One can feel the difference. The good pain comes from your body celebrating your decision to become more mobile. The bad pain shoots a warning sign to your brain, saying, ” You keep that up, you’ll end up in the ER!” Heed your warnings!



For me, any more, this is second nature. Somewhat organic, allowing my plan to materialize as I begin making forward steps. For the average person, this is not true, so know what your goal or goals are.

What is it you’re wanting to accomplish? More flexibility? More muscle tone? Weight/inches loss? Increased strength? Cardio endurance?

Set up a program, or get with a trainer, that will start you moving in the direction of success. Success comes in increments, so celebrate all the small victories as well as large.


To me working out is about a lifestyle choice. It’s not an unrealistic goal I try to keep for a brief amount of time, but rather a way of life I nurture and support with my food intake and exercise choices. So, in other words, Be Kind To Yourself!!

Don’t go into this with a perfectionist mindset. Its not all or none. You will make choices you’re not always happy with, give yourself some leeway here.


Starting out, I liked to keep a journal. Documenting all I ate and drank, but also my workouts and exercises. This allowed for me to go back and acknowledge my gains in the gym, and help see my weak spots with my diet. Always remembering to be kind with myself on both.

These are just a few thoughts on getting a new routine started, and keeping it going. Priming the mind for the beginning of new lifestyle changes that come with the 1st of the year.

I don’t use the word resolution because that word to me has evolved some negative connotations. To me, it’s all about a lifestyle choice. Doing a self inventory, either mentally, or I find more concrete results when written down on paper.

That’s where my mind is now. Running its year long analysis of my strengths and weaknesses. What I want to become better at. What negative behaviors I can leave behind.

This winter, I am truly dedicating to discovering “beautiful”. Mind, body, soul. What is the best version of me? A work of art in the progress.

Using my physical being as my modeling clay, I am setting out to sculpt the most fabulous version of me! Knowing full well that true beauty begins on the inside and radiates out.

Join me on my journey. Begin and take action immediately along with me! Or find the inspiration along my journey and jump in at a later date.

I love what I do! Love the results I feel! There is no way to explain it but to experience it for yourself. It creates a whole new mindset. Frees up live giving Prahna, or energy, to focus on more creative life-giving purposes.

I move forward with passion in my heart, and excitement in my belly. It’s the only possible direction for me to move in because … Revolution Begins With Me!

And best regards for all to tap into their true potential of self in 2021!


A Celebration of Me

Early birthday/Christmas celebration in Mexico.

A being of light, a mystic, and a powerful empath, living in a false paradigm that has been massively destructive to Mother Earth and nature, its been hard to ever feel as if I’ve belonged. But with the dawning of 2020, and the culmination of decades of evil finally very outwardly making itself known, I vow to never again hide in the shadows.

As perhaps the best year of my life comes to an end, I acknowledge all that life has thrown my way and the beauty and wisdom now being bestowed upon me.

I embrace ALL that God has created me to be, for He has done so with grand purpose. Age irrelevant to me, I celebrate the process, like that of a fine wine.

Life begins a new! Cheers!

Put behind me are all concerns of what anyone else might ever think of me. The superficial judgments because most are only capable of seeing what is on the surface. The opinions of people who would rather have my Light turned off than discover with me the beauty that likewise lies within themselves, are cast to the side.

I embrace the donning of the next year knowing that with each day life will only become more glorious. That beauty and splendor will continue to be shared with me in the incredible odyssey God has planned.

I will begin each day LIVING IN THE MOMENT. Eyes wide open to experience each new facet of this extraordinary life in this extraordinary time of living.

I set an intention, with a calm heart and a gentle mind, to appreciate not only the big milestone moments, but also the magnificence in all the simple things about life that typically get overlooked.

I open my heart to the passion that lies within, and in doing so, return to the person I once was, in sharing the compassion it longs to share.

I open my mind wider to all the truths and wisdom of Reality and the Higher consciousness of living. Closing any avenues that would otherwise allow the propaganda and brainwashing by the controlling forces entry. Refusing to be affected by the fear-based living desired from the powerful elitists.

Perhaps most significantly, I open my soul to the light that lies within, giving it permission to shine brighter than it ever has. All barriers removed to God’s power that lives deep in my soul. Embracing the strongest aspect of my human self that has struggled so hard to find a place in this world.

I grant myself permission to end the last half of my life honoring all aspects of my being, but most importantly my soul, and letting it shine as brightly as humanly possible.

In doing all of this, I invite every being I encounter, in person or in written word, to do the same. To embrace ALL that they are. To go within to the deep scarey, yet profoundly rewarding aspects of self, tapping into the tremendous gifts and energy of human potential. Allowing transcendence of the false paradigm that holds humanity captive.

I encourage each and ever person looking for a better world to live in, a more sustainable planet to pass on to those who come after us, to look closely at their beliefs. To open their minds to the possibility that they have been living in the world’s largest lie, all in the guise to suppress the tremendous potential that exists within each and everyone of us. To discover the planet’s largest untapped natural resource, the God given gifts we each possess.

I celebrate my day of birth not only for me, but for the wish and desire that all of humanity discover their potential that will offer to them a more powerful and fulfilling way of life. Because…Revolution Begins With Me.


The Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn Align in Aquarius

great conjunction 2020

A year of rare extraordinary celestial events is coming to a close, but not without a couple more highly charged Galactic events. Today being the Great Conjunction, a time when Jupiter and Saturn align at the same degree of the zodiac, Aquarius. The last 20 years aligning in earth signs, today marks the first alignment with an air sign.

As Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius it is going to kickstart a new era. It is also going to usher us deeper into the Age of Aquarius. *

The Jupiter Saturn alignment is also believed to color and shape the decades to come. *

For the last 200 years, as Jupiter and Saturn have been coming together in earth signs, they have shaped and defined the world we currently live in. *

Earth energy is very tangible. It is all about building things, creating foundations, using the resources of the Earth, and focusing on material possessions. *

Under this Earth energy, we have achieved a lot, but the time has come for a shift back into balance. We need to move away from material possessions, from robbing the Earth of its resources, and away from creating the tangible to creating the intangible. *

And that is where the air energy of Aquarius comes into play. Aquarius energy is revolutionary, high-tech, and all about creating things that work through waves, signals, and beams. Rather than wanting to create something tangible, Aquarius energy is all about the digital world. *

Along with the world becoming more digital, we may also start to see a rise in community-based living. Rather than looking to big organizations or government, we may instead find the support we need from our own community members. Creating a sense of community may also feel more important or necessary. *

As the sign that rules over humanitarian efforts, we may also see developments surrounding issues such as homelessness, world hunger, and equal rights. *

Aquarius energy allows us to focus on what is good for the whole. Rather than focusing solely on our own needs and wants, we are able to see that we are all connected and that we all need to come together in order to create a better world. *

When this energy is in balance, it allows us to create a more peaceful and compassionate world where we are able to put ourselves in the shoes of others, where we are able to create supportive and loving communities, and where we are able to work together and share common goals. *

This is the Age of Aquarius utopia that has been sung about and talked about for decades. This is the better life we can envisage for ourselves, where we are all honored for our individual spark but then also connected and working together as a whole and for the greater good. *

Like with all things, there is a dark side to this energy too that we have to be mindful to avoid. *

When not in balance, this energy can make us ignore the beliefs of others and fall into a “group think” mentality. Rather than being able to think for ourselves, we are told what to believe and have to follow the group in order to feel accepted. *

We need to be mindful of not allowing our own individual spark to be lost in trying to serve others and our community. We need to make sure we are acting from a place of truth and authenticity, or we will find that society becomes based on ideas of a single few rather than the collective. *

We have 200 years to find this balance, as both Jupiter and Saturn will travel through predominantly air signs for this next cycle. *

It is assumed that none of us reading this will live to see the completion of this cycle, so it is a pretty rare and special thing that we have been chosen to see the start of it! *

In your own life, you can embrace the energies of this cycle by thinking about where you have been too attached to material possessions or items. *

You may also wish to reassess some of your goals. While earth energy is very supportive for creating tangible goals, this rise of air energy wants us to be more free and fluid. *

Rather than trying to manifest our goals, we should instead focus on bringing ourselves into a state of complete alignment. From this place, our goals and whatever we wish to manifest comes naturally. *

It wants us to remember the power of our thoughts and that our thoughts are powerful seeds and signals of creation. *

When we are in a place where we feel aligned and in an authentic headspace, we are automatically attracting whatever is best for us. *

Allow your energetic being and thoughts to become conduits or signals for the reality you wish to create. Beam up and out not from a place of ego, but from your higher self. *

To get into a state of alignment is no easy thing! It requires us to surrender, love ourselves, and to step into our authentic truth. It is a constant work in progress, but the more steps we take, the more we focus on expanding and growing our spiritual mind, the further we will get on our journey. *

We can also tap in to the energies of Jupiter and Saturn for clues on how to work with this energy. *

Jupiter is the planet associated with abundance and expansion. Its energy is naturally optimistic and allows us to see possibilities and potentials. *

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, allowing us to welcome abundance and to see things with a greater clarity. Jupiter is considered to be the lucky planet and the one that brings us our natural gifts and rewards in this life. *

Saturn in many ways is seen as the opposite, however this is a bit of mistaken identity. Saturn is considered a harsh planet that likes to impose rules and restrictions. *

It wants us to set boundaries and may make us feel held back and even oppressed. Its energy is similar to that of a strict teacher, always wanting us to follow the rules, work hard, and scolding us when we don’t. *

However, Saturn is also where we do our most growing and most learning. *

It is through Saturn that we are able to mature, to become wiser, and to find our true inner strength and power. *

Saturn is also considered the Lord of Karma. By working through the lessons of Saturn, we are able to clear our karmic debts and hopefully attract more good karma our way. *

Saturn is our constant reminder that all debts need to be paid. But once they have and the lesson has been learned, we are able to upgrade ourselves to the next level of evolution. *

Both Jupiter and Saturn coming together in this conjunction is like the Lord of Karma meeting the planet of expansion. Here, Jupiter is able to shine a light on all of our Saturn lessons. It is able to soften them, make us see them with more clarity, but also in many ways, expand them. *

As the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is so pivotal, this energy affects us on a global level too. It is almost like Earth is waking up to its karma. In many ways, our entire planet is advancing to a new level and looking for debts to be paid. *

Whatever our collective Earth karma is, this Great Conjunction has arrived to set things into balance. *

On a global level, whatever needs to be repaid will have to be repaid. Whatever is owed will have to be given. *

There is no escape. In a sense, this is that moment where the collective deeds of humanity are weighed against the feather of life, and we are able to see what needs to adjusted and set right. *

On deeper spiritual levels, this alignment of Jupiter and Saturn indicates a rise in consciousness for the planet, where we are able to see with more clarity the karmic energy of the globe, and what we can do to create more balance. *

It is also interesting to note that both Jupiter and Saturn will come together at zero degrees of Aquarius, which is a highly charged point of any zodiac sign. *

0 degrees represents infinite potential and possibilities. It represents a time where all things are possible and a new foundation is opening. *

On this day, it will feel like Earth is moving through a portal of energy where it will be rebirthed and hold millions of new possibilities for all of us. *

This is very fertile, which indicates new beginnings on a grand scale. Earth will never be the same again and as beings of this Earth, we will have no choice but to adapt and embrace this new chapter that is on offer to us. *

The energy of the Great Conjunction will feel most powerful in the weeks leading up to it and the weeks after it. Then it will fade into the background of our lives, where it will continue to influence us most strongly for the coming years. *

If all of this magnificent energy were not enough, it is coupled with the fact that today marks the 2020 winter solstice. The day when the amount of light in the

Along with this, today being the winter solstice, the day with the shortest period of daylight and longest night of the year, when the Sun is at its lowest daily maximum elevation in the sky.

The Solstice is a time where the veil between dimensions is thin. It is also a time where we are more open and connected with the energies of the Earth. We are able to feel with greater ease that we are not just beings on this Earth, but beings of the Earth.. *

Spiritual Significance of December 21, 2020

All of the cosmic energy this year has been leading us to the closing of a massive karmic cycle for the planet. As this portal on the Total Solar Eclipse opens and intensifies under the Great Conjunction, we will all be able to step into a “New Earth”.*

Our Earth is being forced through this tunnel of spirals. As it moves through this tunnel it is pressurized so much that it is forced to split into two as it leaves the tunnel. Almost like a cell dividing. *

These two cells are of the same Earth, but they represent two new energy dynamics that we get to work with on this planet that were not previously available to us before. *

One of these “cells” represents falling back further into the old karmic patterns, almost like we are not progressing or moving forward as we keep repeating the same loop. If we keep moving on this path, eventually we go beyond the past we know and into a deeper darkness.

The other “cell” represents moving forward into new ways never seen before. We move into stretching our abilities as human beings and being able to create things that are not even currently perceivable by our minds. If we keep moving on this path, eventually we stretch ourselves to new and higher levels of consciousness.*

The choice of which “cell” we wish to follow is our own and for most people, we may find ourselves balancing between both. *

Essentially, the frequency of the planet is expanding. We are able to tap into higher frequencies than before, but also lower frequencies than before too. *

The frequencies that we are familiar with before this split happens will also become easier to maintain and to access. This means that all of the high frequency energies we have connected with in the past will be easier for us to operate from. *

Many other psychics and intuitives have picked up similar messages about December 21st. Many talk about it being a “timeline split” where there will be this further divide out of 3D living and into 5D living. *

For those living in 5D, new frequencies and light codes will also be attainable and this is what is exciting! Who knows what new abilities or spiritual wisdom and knowledge will start making its way to Earth? *

For those living in 3D, life will keep following on the the same trajectory, however depending on where their frequency is positioned, they may be able to sense either this growing light or the deepening of the dark. *

With certainty, we are moving into an exhilarating and creatively inspirational time of living. Free will remains in each of our hands as to which avenue we decide to travel. For me, the answer is certain, as it’s a road I know well journeying down it for quite some time now. I move forward with excitement in my heart and pure bliss in my soul, for the Revolution Begins With Me.


*Check out Tanaaz at Foreverconscious.com

It’s The Small Things

Thank you to my 1st 100!! And all others that will follow!

In reference to the title of a blog post from earlier today, celebrating a small success here on WordPress.

After approximately 2 months of consistent blogging, minus my 10 day hiatus for our unforgettable fabulous recent vacation to Xcaret, Mexico, today brought me my 100th follower.

Shout out to Edge of Humanity Magazine, https://edgeofhumanity.com/ for allowing me my mile stone. Appropriate and fitting title to the world I see around me and the message I want to share.

Edited version from my initial post as another mile stone was met. 😁🥰

I anticipate the amazing connection to fellow bloggers and beyond to only grow exponentially in the months and years ahead.

A big thank you to all who are already following. Each and everyone of your blogs and stories brings a new facet to this writer’s dimension.

Namaste and One Love to all!

The Simple Things

Finding my daughter’s hibiscus plant with not only an open flower, but with two more buds ready to soon blossom, and one bud on one of my larger plants doing the same, it truly made me stop to acknowledge the beauty of the simple things in life.

The hibiscus one of my favorite flowers, always thriving in Missouri summers, I wasn’t even sure this plant would survive, bringing it in a bit too late, removed from a spring project we created together.

The frost having already arrived this fall before I got it transplanted. Most of the leaves damaged by the cold. Placing it in our big open south facing living room windows. It has thrived with a bit of TLC and water.

Lingering in the after glow of our trip to Mexico. Pondering on the wonderful Mexican people we met throughout, and the happiness that was infused within all whom I met. Living much simpler lives than most Americans, yet so much more at peace and filled with true joy.

It got me reflecting on an all time favorite quote from Henry David Thoreau, one I acknowledge in the first chapter of my book, The Advocate, as it was a quote that inspired me to take the “Road less traveled” and live from a similar life’s perspective, while following the guidance of Frost’s words in his infamous poem.

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. … I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.” Thoreau

Time, most especially this year, has made me realize I truly have lived a life far off of the beaten path. One that at times was difficult, not so much in my sacrifices, but with my mind’s comparisons to others.

Watching my children as they grew. Knowing they knew their lives were much different than most. Yet, knowing deep in my heart and soul that one day they would appreciate the way they were raised and acknowledge, that yes, perhaps their dear old mom did know best.

Those days have arrived, as they mature into fine young adults because of my choices. I sit back and look more at my life for a change. Acknowledging my kindred connection to Thoreau and the fact in many ways, I have become the new age version of the words he once professed.

Living simply doesn’t mean living with less. It means living more deeply with the important facets of life not being those of material means. But rather, the beauty and splendor of what Mother Earth has to offer.

Sunrise over the Caribbean. Best part of the day.

The energy created, the life generated, when we nurture her splendor and beauty, as opposed to stripping and depleting her of natural resources for our own selfish wasteful material desires.

I have never been embarrassed by the way I live, but I have been very conscious of the way others would look down on me, and my family, thinking they somehow lived a more fulfilling life. This year, especially though, I embrace that part of me with even more vigor.

I embrace life with a more abundant bouquet of energy. And, I celebrate my experiences as I take my enjoyment of the simple things Mother Earth continues to bless me with during all the seasons of the year, and all the seasons of my life.

My yoga kitty Ozzy! Constant reminder to find your bliss in every minute.

I give thanks to my kindred brother Thoreau, for educating me on the important tenets of life at such a young age, and for the rewards it has allowed me to reap along the way, with the truly big harvest soon to come.

I open a door to sharing with others. Encouragement. Guidance. Support. In educating, that there is a much better way to live than chasing the almighty dollar and the materialism and endless consumerism that comes with it, leaving one feeling empty and unfulfilled at the end of the day, at the end of one’s life.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Mother Earth’s magic everywhere.

The pendulum is swinging back to the more simpler ways of living. I smile and thank God for giving me the foresight to be aware of what I had so many decades ago. Here to be a Light for others as the old paradigm begins to collapse in upon itself and a new one begins to open. A much more loving and peace-filled world awaits up ahead.

My life’s purpose to be a bridge to help other’s cross because … Revolution Begins With Me.


Planetary Karma

I’m not here to point a finger, but as a unified whole, we have an overwhelming amount of planetary karma to live out.

The world completely out of balance from its natural rhythm, its natural cyclic course. To anyone awake and watching, it has been beyond obvious that the pendulum was going to have to start to swing in the other direction.

The last century focused on destruction, all in the name of “progress”. People living mindlessly to the reality happening all around them. “Living from the ego” being the way of the land, with the human spirit neglected and all but forgotten.

The times we are living in now are Biblical. Natural order not allowing the once slow, but rapidly increasing annihilation of the globe to continue. Individuals focused on their own insignificant wants, as evil spread across the land like an invisible deadly gas.

In the world, but not of the world, I’ve been watching closely, clearing my own karma, making amends for my own past, and healing my own personal deep wounds. All the time wondering when the gauntlet was going to fall, with the year 2021 foremost in my mind.

May 31st, 2021 to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Riots, the most heinous act of violence by Americans to their own people since the days of the Civil War. The largest loss of American lives since then on United States soil, yet up until a few years ago, virtually unheard of. Certainly not something found in any public high school or state university history book.

Even after 8 years of having a black man in office of the United States president, no reparations were sought to try and make amends to the victims, surviving and deceased, and their families. Still no public acknowledgement that this heinous event even occurred.

Over 300 African American residents were slaughtered when white mobs descended on Tulsa’s Greenwood district. Hundreds of homes and businesses were looted and torched, reducing much of the 35-square-block section of the city, commonly referred to as Black Wall Street, to rubble.

My own personal awakening to this event, over 10 years ago as I researched for my book, The Advocate, just exactly what made Oklahoma the deplorable place I discovered it to be during the time I lived there. This event was one out of several horrible occurrences as a state that I unearthed. Certain now, that there are many stories just like this, perhaps not as large scale, but that exist across our country.

Side note: Disheartened, but not surprised, speaking to a woman who worked as a journalist for the Tulsa Tribune, (the paper responsible for initiating the riot) back in the 1970’s, likewise, she had done her own investigating. None of the 328 people brutally murdered that day had any sort of death certificate on record.

All of these evil deeds, and ones that continue today at an accelerated pace, are coming into the light as the take over of our country tries to near its completion. People are FINALLY starting to wake up.

I am not alone in my viewpoint, or in my soul’s purpose. A planet scattered with Mystics and Healers, Lightworkers, and Shaman, all with minds, hearts, and souls open and aware that the planetary energy is changing, and that there is a dynamic paradigm shift underway. Each tuning in and doing his/her part to help ease the transition.

2020 descended upon the planet with the majority in shock and horror. For those with their eyes already open, the surprise was the cause, not the events themselves, with indicators becoming more and more obvious that dark times were descending.

The question becomes now, what do we do? How do we respond?

For me, the answer is easy. I have been preparing for this moment for more than two decades. Well aware, I will be on the forefront. Compassionate, yet vocal, as people open themselves, most especially their spirits, to a kinder, more gentle way of life on the other side.

There is no more living with blinders on, feeding our egos while the multitude suffer impalpably. The big curtain of evil pulled back with the attempted steal of the 2020 United States presidential election. Mainstream media still pumping the propaganda as the number of awake or awakening individuals finally tipping in the direction of change.

It is certain that hard times lie ahead, for significant transformation can only occur through tremendous upheaval and chaos. But, the “good men” and women are finally stepping up and stepping out. Igniting the fires of their souls to reclaim their country, to reclaim humanity.

Many will look on, confused, dazed, unaware which side loyalty and truth truly lies on, but that becomes irrelevant because the number of good God fearing Patriots out number. The long awaited for Revolution I have envisioned is underway and accelerating at warp speed. For those unsure of what is happening, best step out of the way!

Days ahead to become even more challenging, more formidable. History is in the making. I take my front row seat as it all begins to accelerate because … Revolution Begins With Me.


Mystery Within the Synchronicity

The more mature I get, the more firmly I believe that everything happens for a reason. That said, I learned a week and a half ago of what the real source of my anxiety was back on Monday, November 16th.

A highly intuitive empath, sometimes it gets tricky deciphering heavy emotions when they arise. And after all these years, I still sometimes forget that I usually feel the most intense emotions days, sometimes even weeks, before the cause of the emotion presents itself.

That all said, I got a phone call, a couple days before Thanksgiving from my oldest son. The long anticipated wedding was being called off, yet again. Not postponed this time, but put off for an indeterminate amount of time.

It seems the day I was experiencing all that anxiety, he was likely the source. Upon waking that day, the emails and phone calls starting coming in to him and his fiancé. They almost instantaneously had over 20 people back out, leaving the number down to 10, due to Covid, or Covid related reasons. Including the bride’s father who is a college basketball coach. (Her mother and grandmother already not on the guest list.)

At that point, they still planned on going ahead with the wedding. A work promotion for the bride-to-be, moving them both to London, England next April/May. Another postponement truly wasn’t an option. Talking to the venue, an extremely elegant 5 star resort, they continued to watch wedding plans fall apart. Management and staff having had a huge turnover in the wake of the pandemic, and all was in disarray. They truly felt the universe was telling them their Mexico wedding wasn’t meant to be.

A big blow for my daughter and I, especially initially. My 14 year old, holed up in our Oasis, isolated from the rest of the world homeschooling, definitely looking forward to some human interaction. Especially with her Godfather, her oldest brother, whom we rarely get to see. Soon to be seeing even less. (Looks like a trip to London may be in our future if international travel without the Covid vaccine exists at that time.)

As a mom, it took awhile to wrap my mind around the newest development from one of my fabulous children. Never leaving a moment for dullness in my life. The twists and turns coming easier with time, as I realize everything truly does happen for a reason.

Hearing near tears in my grown son’s voice, having regret for the latest change in their hard fought wedding plans, temporarily put on hold. Him feeling deeply unhappy about disappointing his sister, these were words I shared. Everything does truly happen for a reason. We might not be able to understand when it happens, but given time, the pieces all come together and begin to make sense.

A justice of the peace wedding to happen sometime before they make the big move. (And I thought Hollywood was far away!) The wedding for family and friends to attend, not to occur for at least another year now.

That all said, my daughter and I still had resort reservations and airline flights we had already changed once. The resort said guests would have a 12 month credit if they decided to change their plans. But, my thought is, things are only going to get worse before they get better. We are able to go now. I think we should. Not to mention, the disappointment of my daughter if all plans got canceled. And, the fact I was looking forward to some sand and sun.

Everything for a reason! It really has had me pondering, WHY are my daughter and I (along with one other son and his girlfriend) the only ones left going to Mexico?

Me, never having a huge desire to vacation there to begin with, especially since the early 2000’s when all the drug cartel problems started becoming so prevalent. But, when I researched Xcaret, I learned it was different than most cities in the country. A place I became increasingly more curious to see, not only because of the beautiful beaches and the incredibly breath-taking terrain, but the ancient history of the Mayan people. Something I had done an extensive study of back in 2012, with the end of the Mayan calendar.

I have spent the last 2 weeks moving through the anxiety. Watching pieces fall in place. Having beautiful Magickal moments happen around me only reassuring me that, Yes, we are meant to take this trip alone. NEVER a trip I would have initiated on my own. NEVER a resort I would have chosen, living much more humbly.

A little bit extra cash had found its way into my life when initially booking the resort last winter. I decided we would splurge and get one of their elegant “swim out” suites, and that unlike most, we would stay 7 nights instead of 3.

As the countdown of days begins to turn into a countdown of hours, excitement and anticipation builds and mounts. I feel the spirit world calling me. Making me very aware something deeply profound is going to happen once I get my anxious self and my daughter safely to our resort.

Strong emotions well up inside, as I imagine a week from now us having already spent several days in this beautiful tropical haven. What adventure awaits? What mystery lies ahead? So many unknowns as this trip turns into something so unlike anything it was originally planned to be.

I continue making preparations. Making sure all is cared for that needs to be, both at home and abroad. Anticipation looming and excitement building with the Mystery out ahead. My life (and that of my daughter) about to change forever for the positive, as I am aware … the Revolution Begins With Me.