A Celebration of Me

Early birthday/Christmas celebration in Mexico.

A being of light, a mystic, and a powerful empath, living in a false paradigm that has been massively destructive to Mother Earth and nature, its been hard to ever feel as if I’ve belonged. But with the dawning of 2020, and the culmination of decades of evil finally very outwardly making itself known, I vow to never again hide in the shadows.

As perhaps the best year of my life comes to an end, I acknowledge all that life has thrown my way and the beauty and wisdom now being bestowed upon me.

I embrace ALL that God has created me to be, for He has done so with grand purpose. Age irrelevant to me, I celebrate the process, like that of a fine wine.

Life begins a new! Cheers!

Put behind me are all concerns of what anyone else might ever think of me. The superficial judgments because most are only capable of seeing what is on the surface. The opinions of people who would rather have my Light turned off than discover with me the beauty that likewise lies within themselves, are cast to the side.

I embrace the donning of the next year knowing that with each day life will only become more glorious. That beauty and splendor will continue to be shared with me in the incredible odyssey God has planned.

I will begin each day LIVING IN THE MOMENT. Eyes wide open to experience each new facet of this extraordinary life in this extraordinary time of living.

I set an intention, with a calm heart and a gentle mind, to appreciate not only the big milestone moments, but also the magnificence in all the simple things about life that typically get overlooked.

I open my heart to the passion that lies within, and in doing so, return to the person I once was, in sharing the compassion it longs to share.

I open my mind wider to all the truths and wisdom of Reality and the Higher consciousness of living. Closing any avenues that would otherwise allow the propaganda and brainwashing by the controlling forces entry. Refusing to be affected by the fear-based living desired from the powerful elitists.

Perhaps most significantly, I open my soul to the light that lies within, giving it permission to shine brighter than it ever has. All barriers removed to God’s power that lives deep in my soul. Embracing the strongest aspect of my human self that has struggled so hard to find a place in this world.

I grant myself permission to end the last half of my life honoring all aspects of my being, but most importantly my soul, and letting it shine as brightly as humanly possible.

In doing all of this, I invite every being I encounter, in person or in written word, to do the same. To embrace ALL that they are. To go within to the deep scarey, yet profoundly rewarding aspects of self, tapping into the tremendous gifts and energy of human potential. Allowing transcendence of the false paradigm that holds humanity captive.

I encourage each and ever person looking for a better world to live in, a more sustainable planet to pass on to those who come after us, to look closely at their beliefs. To open their minds to the possibility that they have been living in the world’s largest lie, all in the guise to suppress the tremendous potential that exists within each and everyone of us. To discover the planet’s largest untapped natural resource, the God given gifts we each possess.

I celebrate my day of birth not only for me, but for the wish and desire that all of humanity discover their potential that will offer to them a more powerful and fulfilling way of life. Because…Revolution Begins With Me.


13 thoughts on “A Celebration of Me

    • Love to have all the companionship as cares to join me. Magickal times we live in. Never before in my country since the American Revolution have there been such a pivotal moment of generating world wide change. It could go either way…but I totally believe in the power of God and am completely aligned with it.
      Let’s enjoy this incredible journey together! Invite your friends! 😉 lol
      Best wishes Miriam!

      • Yes indeed! I’m aligned with God, faith and a new earth as well, one that’s free of this fear and control. Sadly many of my friends are falling for it all. But I’ll continue on my path, alongside you Denise. Best wishes to you as well.

      • I love how God aligns us with other believers!!!
        Tight community…life is changing in a positive way for those of us awake!! Excited to have you by my side!!!
        Blessings & love Sister!! Namaste 🦋🕊🙏💝

  1. A beautifully written declaration, Denise – keep shining your Light so others can follow💕✨
    and I wish you a wonderful and Merry Christmas🎅🎄💖
    Take care🤗

    • Thank you Uli for the comment and the kind words. My Light had been dimmed for far too long. I’m not settling for anything less ever again. It appears your Light is doing the same. I can see it shining. You also have a wonderfully Merry Christmas. Best wishes!!

      • A spark can ignite the dimmest of lights no matter how dark it is around it..
        Everything you have experienced and all that wisdom became that spark, and when you fuel it with the Power of Love – then your Light shines brightly✨
        I see You Denise💖
        Take care🤗

      • Uli, I love your beautiful words and your wisdom!! And may I say AMEN! I know precisely of that which you speak. It is my belief this is the power of transformation, the power of change. Once that energy is shared, like right now, between us. The benefit is exponential. Much love & light my friend!

  2. Roosevelt ‘s phrase of course, and a good one. FDR a man I admire greatly. But no, the fear I refer to is not limited to any particular epoch or political situation. FDR was of course speaking during times of desparate economic crisis and the fear he referred to was much closer to the primal fear I had meant to refer to. Fear is a built in ‘safeguard’, a quale which evolution has saddled us with. External or even internal situations trigger fear by sending electro chemical impulses to the brain. In evolutionary terms the purpose of fear is to attempt to secure the survival if the individual animal and hence the species. Fear, in some of us can be generalised. In other words not limited to any particular aspect of our individual lives, let alone the economic and political system within which we must live. The universe is inherently unstable ~ chaotic is probably the appropriate scientific term. Fear is thus physiological ~ part of our make-up. Some have to address fear using physiological means. Anti depressants for example. Some are able to combat fear via philosophies or thought systems. For instance the abandonment of the self (Buddhism) or the belief in a benign creator (Christianity by way of example). Thus I would argue that fear is a fundamental aspect if animal existence and nit the result of any particular event in any particular epoch. We live in a universe which is agnostic to our survival, to the qualia we suffer or enjoy. It is true however that fear could be reduced by designing and implementing a better and more caring society. By replacing competition with cooperation. By having happiness as the goal of the economy rather than mere growth im consumption. By giving reality to the Beatitudes rather than paying lip service.

    • Thank you for your comment Anthony, but I challenge you and would have to disagree. “The only thing to fear is fear itself”. Americans need to find their spirits back and face their fears!
      Those of us who have not been seduced by the outward mind control and are wide awake, we are living life to its fullest. Those who have come to understand the truth of what has been happening to the United States over the last 100 years are not. The patriots and warriors who are ready to fight to keep our country from being stolen away by the largest cabal of corrupt politicians, both nationally and locally are more alive and emboldened than ever before. The rest of the population, yes, sitting in their homes frightened by the threat of a virus that has been released upon us to usher in the next global reset. Stay tuned as it all continues to be played out. In the mean time, each and every American should really start to open their minds and ask questions of the stories they’ve been fed for decades. An awakening is happening! You either be a part of it or wake up to it once it’s said and done. Best wishes…mostly that you can get past your fears! Written with only genuinely kind intent.

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