Spiritual Awakening Of The Earth

There comes a time in the life of a people, when what has gone before must give way to the new, and what has been thought of as a way of life and a standard for defining the normalcy of days, must adapt itself to a new current of light and life that now enters the picture. Such is the time for America today and, indeed, for the world, for the old ways of doing things are about to give way before a new consciousness that shall envelop both the nation and the world. This new consciousness will shine a light more brightly than ever before on the internal mechanisms by which people think, feel, and make choices in their everyday lives. All that is hidden from the eyes of others will become known to the self, and the motives that are less than desirable will also become visible to the illuminated awareness.

This greater consciousness is meant to be a great gift, though it brings with it the problem of having to finally deal with those things that one would rather have concealed from the self or put away until such time as it seemed more comfortable to take them out. Nevertheless, awakening consciousness to the true nature of the self is of great and priceless benefit, for it enables each soul to finally become free of all that holds it back from realizing its true potential. For this self-constriction is not based on circumstances that flow through life and come and go, but rather on the inner nature of deeply held thought and belief which define the expectancies and the fruits of a life. These are the building blocks out of which the flow of life is created.

In the present moment, the movement toward greater visibility of self is still quietly moving along subtle channels, creating little disturbance of the inner landscape. It is still not being perceived as the wave of change that it is, and only some who are more sensitive to the ebbs and flows of thought and feeling, or those who are suddenly having to deal with stronger surges of darkness and negativity are becoming aware of what this wave is bringing. Yet, within a short space of time, many more will become aware of the things that have been hidden and will need to know what to do with all the levels of thought and feeling that suddenly become part of everyday awareness.

For this understanding to root itself in the place where healing and transformation can occur, it is necessary that God enter the picture. For the phenomenon of illuminated awareness is not caused by the self, nor by any motives that reside within, nor by any external circumstance. Rather the phenomenon of awakening is caused by Divine timing and ordination which has finally moved to sound the call for humanity’s movement forward, and to shine the light of truth into the domain of ordinary consciousness. This is the time of the great purification for mankind, and for the letting go of that which needs to be let go of in order that each soul become free.

There are some who will continue to feel hardened to their own inner process of learning and who will deny it in others, and there are some who will feel abused, or humiliated, or attacked, by their very own self and the inner life that is opening. What is important to remember at this time is that what begins in confusion will end in hope. What begins with distress at things that have never been experienced before, will end in a simplicity of being and an expanded space within the self that will bring greater peace and a greater capacity to share oneself with others in a true way. It will also bring, in the end, a greater awareness of God’s love and of God’s gifts to humanity.

All forms of life are moving into this next step of awakened consciousness, and all forms of nature will be affected as well by the increased light of awareness. Yet it is the human being who will be most acutely affected since it is human awareness that is differentiated in the most subtle and complex ways and that responds most to the emotional domain of existence. Nevertheless, all of nature shall respond to this call to awaken, and both plant and animal life shall feel and seem more alive, more vibrant, and more conscious.

This is the miracle of the time we are in and for which all souls have waited, namely, that the life of God that has existed in all beings without exception, shall finally become more visible, and ordinary reality as it exists in trees, brooks, grass, leaves, clouds, air, mist, earth – shall finally take on the visibility of light that has always been part of the structure of life-forms, but never part of their radiance. Now, life shall radiate light.

For those who fear this time, it is important to know that all who are here on the earth have come in order to be part of this great transition, and there is no one who will not be helped with the process by Divine aid as well as by the light of their own soul. The music of that soul shall begin to sound more loudly in the ears and hearts of each one, and each one shall begin to find the inner guidance that will lead them through the newness and uncertainty of this time.

Blessed are those who have come to share in the great awakening of the earth and of human consciousness that is part of the present moment. May all be blessed and may all perceive the true nature of God’s sacred reality as it arrives to bless the earth.


11 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening Of The Earth

  1. Personally looking to find and reach out to people on this level. I am slowly trying to talk about it with others but I find most in my life are not ready for it. Many people all over just like yourself. I really broke into this with a podcast called subconscious mind mastery. They also have a group on Facebook. When covid hit I was able to relate with them and vindicate my thoughts. I would definitely describe my experience as an awakening that is continuing. Definitely not something I can go back from.

  2. Embrace the world you’ve entered Aubrey!! And find the sources that feed the spiritual side of you as you return to more of the physical plane/false paradigm. Its through connecting with like souls the acceleration continues. The connection to like souls is exponential…not additive…so the more souls connect…the more powerful the force until a tipping point is reached and the awakening brings itself more into the physical plane. Changing the direction our earth is trending.
    I would love to read your writing. You could email me if you wanted…just tag me here so I know to look for it if you do. Revolutionbeginswithme@gmail.com
    My own personal awakening is reaching even more profound spiritual levels. I’ve decided to enjoy the process privately…what I’m being guided to do. Certain when the time is right it will become written word. Much love & excitement for you on this journey. There is pain…but each time you move through those areas you come out the other side happier, more joyful, more free, and less effected by the negativity in the physical realm.
    PEACE! 🧚‍♀️😇🕊🦄🦋

  3. Denise, I am brand new to the blogging world but found this post. I have had the beginning of an awakening during Covid. I did not even know what an awakening meant 12 months ago. Your post describes my experience. I have read I am going through a nonabiding awakening that will progress as I go through the process. I cannot go back with my thinking about God and the Multiverse. I am convinced that the consciousness that has gotten humankind to this point is not sufficient to solve the world’s problems. Only until more ordinary people start to awaken will real change happen in our country and around the world. I believe that you are correct that we are witnessing that happening now in our lifetimes. Amazing time! 😊👍🏼🙏🏻

    • First off, thank you deeply for sharing. I remember my awakening process about 20 years ago. I would test the waters with people to see if I shared. Of course I wrote abut the whole process in my yet unpublished book, The Advocate. People weren’t ready for it yet, and I wasn’t ready to put myself out there. Last year, on so many levels, that all changed. The Corona virus, the riots and racial unrest, the corrupt political system, the acceleration of people awakening was inevitable. Hearts, minds, and most importantly, people’s awareness of their own soul were being explored at deeper levels.
      As you shared, once you start down this road, there is no going back. The true realities & truths about our world begin revealing themselves in deeper and more profound ways the further into the world of consciousness one goes. Our planet is in an unsustainable paradigm. A paradigm that began to crumble decades ago, thus the acceleration of the elitists to push through their agenda.
      I know for myself, my transformation has been so profound, last year my daughter & I, along with my adult sons, had the best years perhaps ever! We have been living a Fear-free life for awhile and the freedom in that is unexpressable. Its exciting after all this time to be watching it unfold!! Feeling like I have a front row seat in doing so.
      Another blogger, in another post, told me my writing came from a James Redfield novel, The Celestine Prophecy. It made me check it out. I’m only a couple chapters in, but I understand the comment.
      The novel, in ways, feels like my real life. Parts read like my memoir, only difference, mine was real life.
      These are amazing times Aubrey!!! Welcome to the Awakening!! Enjoy every minute! Keep doing your own soul work to accelerate your process. Best wishes! God bless! And Namaste.

      • Denise, I am new to the blogging world and so appreciate you taking the time to give me such an awesome reply. I am trying to be patient with myself and just accept the process as it unfolds. I feel like I am falling back into the thinker some as I get back out in the world as Covid restrictions lift. I have signed up for Eckart Tolle’s School of Awakening which I am really excited about. Five months of working to live in the Present and trying to soften my ego to live in inner peace. I am going to start blogging my experience and hope you and others on here can give me advice if you can see my posts. I am not comfortable making it public yet. I am following your posts and others I am finding on here who are on the awakening path. Thanks again for your support! Namaste 😊👍🏼🙏🏻💗

  4. Amen. 🙏 We are indeed living in biblical and miraculous times and a time of purging and although there are many who are blind to it all (right here in my own family for example) I pray for the day when finally they awaken. 🙏

    • I totally get it. It was a tough decision at the time…but I had to cut out family members…siblings…from my circle bc I”m not knowingly taking any more negative energy into my world. That culling in my life only continues as my vibration rises. I’ve been praying for that for several decades now. Truly feel…and visually see…that awakening happening. 🙏 Namaste.

    • That doesn’t seem to matter as we’ve seen in America! The corruption so deep and rampant that a presidential election can be so blatantly stolen! Propaganda so thick. Until more people wake to the global reality of mass genocide and globalists’ oligarchy, politically…HARD TIMES AHEAD.
      Why the spirit world and the energy we leave into our lives ultra important!!

    • Its not a blessing bestowed upon all. It will be up to individuals to do the deep work. We live in such a consumer society…with intention. Propaganda as big in the US as any other country.
      It will be survivor of the fittest…and that includes spiritually.
      Thank you for the comment.
      Best Wishes!!

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