2 thoughts on “TODAY!

  1. You’re so right Denise, the whole world is about to get a whole lot more uncomfortable, perhaps it will be enough to wake a few more from their slumber. I’m feeling the energies shifting where I am in West Australia and across the country there’s huge crowds rising up for their freedoms as their eyes are opened to the truth. Thank you for sharing more of your musings and dare I say prophecies. The world is changing so quickly and you know I’m on your side, the side of the revolution. Sending so much love to you across the miles my friend, in heart felt solidarity and support. Please keep sharing. 🙏💗

    • AS ALWAYS!!! Thank you for your kind words!!
      Don’t know EXACTLY what it looks like, but KNOW GOD has been preparing me my whole life for NOW! A STRONG FELLOW WARRIOR BY MY SIDE!! Beautiful AMAZING GLORIOUS STORY has been unfolding in my life.
      BONNIE & CLYDE of the SPIRIT WORLD. DEMON SLAYERS. (In Harry Potter’s world we’d be aurors!)
      Testing the water here before moving out SOON. MUCH BIGGER & BOLDER.
      Likewise, seeing, feeling, the energy shift!! WE KNOW how this ends!!! GOD’S SIDE WINS!!
      THANK YOU again for the encouragement and support!!
      GOD BLESS!!
      Keep your eyes on the end zone!!

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