4 thoughts on “Move Past Fear … To Conscious Awakening!!

  1. I have both goosebumps and even a few tears as I read your words Denise, your personal and deeply heartfelt words, for they all ring true. You awakened years before me and yet somehow I totally feel all you’re saying. I love your mantra “focus there is no fear” and I’ll carry it with me with gratitude. There sure is a beautiful world on the other side of this war, though many don’t even realise we’re in a war. I’m so glad to know you Denise and to be a small part of your group of like minded spiritual warriors. Thank you once again for sharing, I’ve come to relish your posts. Sending you so much love and blessings from across the ocean. xx

      WHEN & WHAT woke you? Or was it last year like many?
      And…HOW MANY kids do you have? I asked about your daughter bc I was thinking she traveled with you. Maybe you were homeschooling like me. lol. But no. I have her…sweet 16 in April!! and 3 sons. The oldest now in London from Hollywood. WE WERE both trying to get on SURVIVOR!! MY FAVE SHOW!! Just found the AUSTRALIAN VERSION and loved it!!! Not all “the woke” bs and racial agendas. PEOPLE SEEMED GENUINELY NICE!!! LIKE US IN 80’S & 90’S.
      An email…do you have one? I would send my book as a word document. A BIG ONE.
      No one able to get to far…bc IT IS HEARTFELT…HOW GOD TOLD ME TO WRITE IT. MY LIFE…painful…but more BEAUTIFUL THAN IMAGINABLE. I reference the children’s story…THE LITTLE RED HEN in chapter 1. WELL MY BED IS BAKED! READY TO EAT!! SHARING WITH FEW!! Would YOU like a slice?!!!

      BEST WISHES!!!

      Love your posts!!!! but on here so very little! Working on getting other platforms up. You familiar with BRIGHTEON.COM or BRIGHTEONTV? Check them out if not!!!

      • When did I wake up? Hmm, it’s hard to know. I’ve felt a discontent and that there was something missing and a greater purpose for my life for many years, maybe ten. But 2020 was the year that really woke me up in many ways. I agree with you that it’s about the energy. And raising the vibration. I feel I’m not as disciplined as you but still I’m focused on finding joy and trying to avoid avoid all the BS.
        I have two kids. Tash (Natasha) who’s nearly 24 (in April) and Daniel who’s 21. Tash moved out of home a few years ago, she’s right into horses and Dan is studying and is in his last year of Uni (but of course doing it all from home). They’re chalk and cheese my kids, so different from each other.
        Your book sounds amazing, and thank you for the offer to email it. I must admit I do love reading your snippets every now and then. It’s easy. Being on the road makes it a tad harder to read for long periods of time.
        And you baked! How wonderful. Yes thank you, I’d love a slice lol. xx

      • FASCINATING TO SEE WHERE THIS GOES…AS WE KNOW WE WIN!! Letting my part play out!!!
        Interesting Tash in April born and into horses just like Alexis!! Congrats on the last year at Uni for Daniel!
        My kids that as well!! Similarities in them…but yet ALL COMPLETELY different personalities! RAISED THEM TO KNOW WHO THEY WERE!! Integral to me!! Now to take those parenting lessons to the masses!!!
        YEP!! Love to bake!! Pies and cookies my specialty!!! But this ONE SPECIFIC LOAF OF BREAD HAD MUCH ATTENTION PUT INTO IT!
        How do you eat bread in Australia?( Love learning about your country!!!) I add honey or some homemade fruit jam! ; ) xoxo
        (my phone broken! lol CAN’T send emojis!)

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