Will YOU make it?

8 thoughts on “THE EYE of THE NEEDLE

  1. Beautiful!!! Always love to share what I am passionate about!!!
    Tanaaz…been following 5-6 years. Alana I discovered last year! I love her Oracle cards SACRED REBELS!!!! ON THE MONEY!!
    Reminds me a bit of Doreen Virtue PhD. Did a lot of work on INDIGO CHILDREN. Helped me understand myself as a LIGHTWORKER & him as a SPIRITUAL WARRIOR. She’s the one who put that word in my vocab. EXPLAINED A LOT 20 years ago!!! Now to be watching it come true!!
    ENJOY THEM ALL! Let their words be guides of LIGHT!
    Much love!! Happy discoveries!!! xxx

  2. How fortunate for your sons to have such an awakened mother guiding them at such a young age. And for you now, seeing this all unfold, it must feel like all is becoming so transparent. What a time! xxx

    • Thank you for your kind words! My sons ALL in the middle of big life lessons. Each different. THE BOOK OF JOB …real early on … back between 2011-2013…finishing THE ADVOCATE…God told me.must be read before I move on. It’s A LONG BOOK. Set it aside until March of 2020 when covid hit. I KNEW!! TIME!! NOW I KNOW…It’s TIME FOR THEM. They see me as MOM…They don’t understand…except maybe my youngest son…bc he’s me…that I possess very strong mystical gifts. lol We’re talking 2 strong left brain engineer majors. Still living in the material world. THIS YEAR…ALL COMING FULL CIRCLE. THE TRUTH WILL BE SHOWN TO THEM. OUR PLACE TOGETHER UNITED. WE ARE A POWERFUL FORCE. The 4 of us…plus my daughter. She’s the gentleness in the bunch.
      A wedding Labor Day weekend…my middle son…THE ENFORCER…marrying the beautiful identical twin vet.
      The 1st time I’ll have ALL 3 TOGETHER in 6 years!!!
      IT WILL BE EPIC!!!! (no coincidence THAT son works at EPIC international billion dollar healthcare IT company)

      • It’s me who’s honoured that you’re sharing your story.
        Your life sounds remarkable Denise, your sons fine humans, just like you. My youngest son Daniel is 21, he’s a switched on IT guru too, living in the material world, last year of Uni etc but we’ve drifted. He doesn’t understand me. For all his scientific mind he only accepts what he can see. My almost 24 yo daughter is the opposite, a girl of the land, loves her horses and open spaces. But also doesn’t get me and my sensitivity and spirituality. But respects it at least. I don’t have mystical gifts like you but still, how can I have two kids so different I don’t know.
        What a year you have coming up, and a wedding too, that’s very special! Yes, it’ll be epic for you, for sure. And I’m so grateful to be here, so far and yet so near!! Love you too sister. xx

      • You ever hear of the book DANCING THE DREAM by Jamie Sams. Integral to my awakening! Feeds the Native American spirit in me! Answers my spiritual questions by explaining the DREAM WEAVE…the UNSEEN WORLD OF ENERGY…that’s there for OUR BENEFIT if we care to use it. Crazy to me some people out there in the realm think this is new awareness…yet truly the reverse. Old awareness in unseen worlds that are now BEING SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN.

        My point in all that … we ALL have a journey to travel. You and I…AS SHOULD BE…(so many parents not)…are more SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED. Have lived more life. They will get there…lessons to be presented to each in time!!
        The age to very integral!! Disliked being by my sons between the ages of 21 and 24, their egos maxing out as they stretched their wings. Fascinating though, bc each one, just like me, had a major turning point at age 24.
        Give him time…them time. Steer them where need be … but mostly TRUST IN GOD. HIS PLAN! WORRY DOES NO GOOD!!!
        Grateful you are there. Absolutely, thousands of miles in between, yet right here with me! Much love and light! xxx

      • Yes, time is what we have, I agree. Though I have to say lately that it’s positively flying by. I don’t know one day to the next what day it is.
        You’re so right, worry does no good … t’s fruitless and wasted energy. I’m learning to protect mine. Much love and light back to you my friend. It’s nearly midnight here so I’m off to dreamland. That book sounds fascinating by the way. Might have to try and check it out on kindle if I can. Stay happy. xxx

      • Time…more beautiful…IS FLYING BY!! Spring here in the midwest feeling near!

        You ever been to the states? Me, like my middle, always wanted to go to Australia. After Switzerland. Lol
        Right with you on PROTECTING MY ENERGY…more than ever!! You should check it out…DANCING THE DREAM. RICH WITH KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM. Love her work! As with Alana Fairchild. You familiar? She hails from down under.
        Sleep sound knowing you are protected and being guided into BIGGER THINGS!!!
        Also…check out…FOREVERCONSCIOUS.COM Tanaaz is THE BEST!

      • I’ve never been to the states Denise. Europe yes, my roots are Italian.
        I’ve just woken to your message and have to say a big thanks, you’ve given me so much to look into. I feel as excited as a kid!!!!!
        I’ve already done a short meditation by Alana Fairchild (what a beautiful spirit) and listened to a Feb energy forecast on forever What a fabulous start to my day. Thank you!!!! Oh and later I’ll download Dancing the Dream. I feel like I’m back in school lol. Sending you so much love and gratitude. xxxx

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