1. Your time is indeed now Denise. I can feel the strength , power and conviction in your words. And I’m so grateful to be aligned with you and on this revolutionary journey (even if I’m years behind you in my awakening). Truly we are in biblical times. Sending you lots of love. xx 🙏💜

    • Thank you dear sister!! In the world I live…THERE IS NO TIME CONTINUUM!! YOU are where you are!! THERE IS NO COMPARISON TO ANYONE ELSE!! ONLY FORWARD MOVEMENT!! Your support fuels me…along with others…to STAY THE COURSE!!
      Much love and strength to you and yours!! WE WIN!! in the end!!
      Harry Potter fan? I wasn’t…kids were…until I realized JK ROWLING KNOWS!
      We are in the EPIC END battle! Harry and the good witches and wizards win!!

      • I wasn’t a huge Harry Potter fan at first, though I did get into it a bit and my son was. Yes, to staying the course my friend, we’re in the end battle, I can feel it. You know, I always did have an affinity with those witchy movies and stories!!

      • Right!! to the “witchy affinity”!That and everything paranormal!!! THAT PART making more sense over the last couple years.
        Keep your eyes open!!! Keep enjoying all of God’s splendor while you “Out an’ About!” Much love! xxx

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