4 thoughts on “THE WINDOW OF HOPE

  1. How very thought provoking Denise. Yes, we are at war (though many would dispute that) yet I’ve never felt more at peace. Stepping out of the illusion and creating a different reality to that which they’d have us believe is true. Out my window I see hope too. I see light at the end of a dark tunnel. I see an ever changing view, of a beautiful and vast country that we’re travelling through. I see freedom. I see an open road and free will, to live life on our terms. And I see new friendships and connections with like minded travellers on the journey, like yourself! Thank you for continuing to inspire and educate me. xx 🙏

    • Beautiful words Miriam!!! We HAVE TO BE the LIGHT!! You know the term LIGHTKEEPER?
      You’re on track if you’re at peace I’d say. You words…once again…create a magnificent image!!! We need to HOLD THAT LIGHT … for others to see.

      Big storm moved in yesterday after the full moon. Major energy shift moved in with it! Excited to see where it takes us!
      Stay at peace! Keep doing what you’re doing and we share the new paradigm together! Much love and gratitude Miriam! You are a brave heart!!! xxx

      • Thank YOU Denise for your beautiful and kind words. Hmm, more storms, like here the other week, there was a bushfire on our doorstep and a mini tornado, blowing in the old. Let me know how your energy moves. We’re heading up to 22/2/2022 which from all I hear promises to be a transformative time. Much love dear sister. xxx

      • Scarey…Bushfire on your doorstep! I find the weather metaphorical of our life’s. You find a deeper meaning in that?
        I hadn’t thought of that!!! Big number person!! 02/22/22!!! Wow!!! Wonder if Tanaaz mentions that in next week’s forecast?? Excited to see what it brings!!!
        Much love back at you sister!! xxx

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