3 thoughts on “Conscious of Your Conscience

  1. God and Mother Earth will always reign supreme. Yes to that! And when we truly wake up and connect to Mother Nature we see the reality of life and what is true and pure. The rest is an illusion. How I long for it all to lift, for people to see what truly matters. Those we meet on the road these days appreciate the simplicity of life. Those back “home” are stifled in the program. Big hugs Denise and love sent your way. xx

    • SO MUCH POWER IN YOUR WORDS!!! YOU are becoming my new favorite muse. You inspire by touching strands of energy within myself that I am becoming aware of.
      Jamie Sams, and Mative American culture call it the DREAM WEAVE. ALL LIVING/ONCE LIVING things interconnected. Dancing the Dream…the more one transforms the grander the dance. I’m all in for going the distance. THE ANSWER IS IN TRANSCENDING the dead energy of the old paradigm. A NEW WORLD AWAITS. Not the one Klaus Schwab, Gates. et al speak of.
      God gave me my.big mouth for a reason. And He gave me Catholic nuns in a very special parish to help teach me how to use it…even if that was never their intent. God works in such MAGICKAL ways!!! And for a very special reason He put YOU in my life RIGHT NOW. MIRACLES UNFOLDING AT THE OASIS THIS YEAR!!! And its going to be as wild as all get out. Its CRAZY BEING IN MY BODY MIRIAM. KNOWING this is REAL. M seriously keeps me grounded. Keeps me moving.
      You come to play a similar role as the big day of STEPPING OUT dawns near. Much love and TREMENDOUS GRATITUDE for you. DON’T STOP BEING YOU. SHINE YOUR LIGHT. xxx

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