Traveling the Distance

Come my dying day I will have no regrets.

2 thoughts on “Traveling the Distance

  1. It sounds to me as though you’ve been placed in many challenging situations throughout your life and where you’ve had an impact. This latest scenario in the gym sounds like another example. And look how you stepped out and spoke your truth. Good on you Denise. It’s what the world needs, for more people to stand up, not be afraid to extend and express morals. You are one fighting fit, courageous warrior woman. And God I feel has your back. Keep speaking out and being you because bit by bit you’re changing the world. Big love and support your way. xx

    • Thank you for your words. God uses us where we are when we open ourselves to do His work. SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION BEGINNING as more people begin to wake to this fact.
      Watching our brothers and sisters to my north in Canada. The truckers were holding the line. Nazi tyrants rearing their heads this weekend.
      Curious to see how it resolves. Meanwhile…I’m “out an’ about” as it warms back up today melting all the snow. Enjoy what Mother Nature brings you! YOUR WORLD BREATH TAKING!! xx

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