Denise Charmaine

Seeker of truth. Lover of light. Manifestor of magick.

Sharing ideas, thoughts, and wisdom I have acquired over the years as a multi-generational mother of 4, former critical care nurse, and lifetime bodybuilder/yogi. Acquired knowledge to be shared, helping to maneuver this grand adventure we call LIFE.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Denise, I finally took some time for reading your blog !!! wow !!!! Are you still around? You left a nice comment on my website … I finally published at Amazon, and would love to know more about your book too.

      • hello !! back here to restart anew on fresh bases. need to turn on the page of PTSD and move on 🙂 self publishing is dead if I can’t put any budget on it. so I am trying for a new adventure, a small business to support the cause and see what happens NEXT …wish you all BEST in this 2022. May all your wishes come true in divine alignement x

      • Excited to see your new look! Was checking…seen it was “under construction.” Best wishes with your new direction and new business venture!!! THIS WORLD AT A PLACE NEEDING HEALED HEALERS!!! OUR TIME!!

        Was just listening to Tanaaz on Forever Conscious. (You should check her out! if you don’t. foreverconscious.com) Forecast for the week…FRESH NEW ENERGY moving in with TODAY’S NEW MOON. The strongest FORWARD MOVEMENT in quite some time. I WAS ALREADY FEELING IT!
        TAP INTO THE COSMOS SISTER!! Namaste!!

    • Thank you! In a drawing form that’s my “Mystical Forest” we have on our property! Magick always happens there! Heading their this morning actually! Thank you for checking out my site. I tried adding words to this page the other day. Then when I was done I hit a wrong button and they all disappeared! That ever happen to you? One Love! 🦋🕊

      • Hurrah that you have access to the natural world on a regular basis! And yes, I have definitely hit the wrong button and seen hard work disappear… Sigh. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

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