Divine Feminine: Manifesting-Part I

I want to take this in bits and pieces. I’ve really been trying to wrap my mind, body, and soul around the creative forces of Divine Feminine Energy. Knowing I have reached the abyss and taken my leap, my wings seem to be fairing well for the initial launch.

I am highly in tune that the manifestation process keeping the chakras and energy centers open and allowing the energy to freely flow through.

There’s been a sort of lull, as it feels like my conscious self, over the course of a month, has been scattered into a billion little pieces into the cosmos. Not necessarily something I am concerned about, aware that the portal to an enormous paradigm shift has recently been completely opened. It will take time for the Universe, powered by human consciousness begin to shape.

I’ve been extra nurturing and permissive with my time and emotions lately. A myriad of good, bad, wild & exciting, and heart wrenching emotions moving through me. I know in time they will sift themselves out and something never before experienced will have evolved in the process.

Until then, one of my foci, is to be as grounded as I can be. As out in nature and as tuned in as possible. Getting my “Lumber Jill” on the last couple days with my new Stihl chainsaw I bought in the summer. Don’t mess with a woman and her power tools.

Today, was the beginning process of hauling some of my cut wood. I really think it’s going to be a cathartic process over the winter.

My neighbor cut 10-15 trees in his back 40 with the intention of my husband and I turning it all into firewood. I think I see it becoming a source of some very powerful inner work. Stay tuned.

My point, the fresh air….AMAZING!!!! As long as the wind isn’t cold, I am good and I want to be outdoors. At least a little bit! Today was good. Hauled some wood. Raked and swept my back porch.

It’s barely into winter, but tiny tastes of spring are offered. Ideas of what I can be doing now to be preparing for spring outdoor beautifician. I cherish my outdoor work, in spite of my cold toes. Perhaps flipflops were not the best shoe choice.

The warmth of the wood stove and comfort the comfort of some hot tea, my body does a big sigh as I allow it to find rest. Peace for my soul. Grace in the beauty and energy experienced in the Oasis. There is no better communion than a few minutes alone with God and Mother Earth.

The Divine Feminine within me being nurtured to find her voice.

What is divine feminine energy?

(*Sophie Bashford)

Divine Feminine energy is a universal frequency that is the cornerstone of our physical and spiritual existence. It is the vibration of the Great Goddess: the spiritual mother and ultimate life-giver.

Goddess Consciousness is a state of awareness connected to the feminine life force. This is a container for heart and soul wisdom, to natural and divine laws, and to loving, harmonious and peace-enhancing behaviours.

Divine Feminine energy also gives rise to Divine Masculine energy, as it is a ‘home’ or ‘cosmic mother’ for all of creation.

5 steps to begin igniting your divine feminine energy

Feel your Feelings

Many of us expend enormous energy running from our feelings. Emotional connection and release are often portrayed as weak or purposeless in masculine-driven societies.

A disconnection from the divine feminine essence usually harbours a disconnection to emotions.

To unlock divine feminine energies, we need to access, fully feel, and release our feelings without judgement. Stagnant feelings become held not only in the physical body, they are also locked in the ‘spiritual body’. This blockage can restrict the flow of divine feminine energy.

Safe spaces are vital for the process of truly feeling your feelings and releasing deeply held emotions. You may find this safe space with a therapist, a counsellor, a spiritual mentor or a supportive healing circle. You may find it with close friends, however when you first begin processing your deep emotions it can be important to find a place that is professional and/or autonomous. This gives you a ‘container’ that is based on total trust and clear boundaries.

As you begin to allow yourself to fully feel your feelings without judgement, have them witnessed with compassion, and not run from them, the true essence of the Spiritual Feminine can begin to flow through you once again.

Emotions are a source of Goddess Wisdom. By giving credence to your emotions, and honouring them in yourself and others, you are tapping into a treasure chest of long-suppressed spiritual feminine energy.

I embrace the beauty of each day. I know everyday won’t be a happy one, but I do know how to each day make myself happy. This is my freedom of choice and I will embrace my freedoms each day with renewed vigor and renewed commitment to what they stand for.

I move forward with confidence and grace because … Revolution Begins With Me.


Awaken Your Inner Goddess With Your Divine Feminine Energy

Tap into the beauty of your Divine Feminine. Begin to manifest all that you truly desire.

One conscious focus added to my tool box for success over the last year, has been a stronger awareness of the feminine energy within that typically takes backseat to our masculine energy.

While divine masculine and divine feminine energy are equal in value, each offers unique benefits and powers.

Regardless of your gender, you can tap into aspects of both forms of energy and use them to empower yourself to succeed.

However, if you’re female, you have access to a form of divine feminine energy that makes you more intuitive, emotionally aware, self-motivated, and collaborative.

This type of energy will serve you well no matter what your goals – whether you want to find love, follow your best career path, accumulate wealth, or simply become happier.

But what do you need to do to access this energy?

In this article, we’ll first explain what divine feminine energy actually is, and how it differs from masculine energy. Then, we’ll help you tap into your own feminine energy today, with seven effective practical techniques.

By harnessing and using your distinctively female power, you prime yourself for success and to become your very best self.

What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

There’s a balance of masculine and feminine energy within all of us.

So, what do we mean when we talk about feminine energy?

This is the energy of intuition – the kind that comes from your gut, and from your heart.

It is also the energy of interpersonal connection.

It gives rise to empathy, to sensuality, and to receptivity.

When we are full of this energy we tend to gravitate toward the path that is most emotionally fulfilling for us.

Feminine energy fosters strong, intimate, and nurturing bonds with other people.

It promotes self-compassion and self-love as well.

The Difference Between Divine Feminine And Masculine Energy

The Difference Between Divine Feminine And Masculine Energy

Masculine energy is also very valuable, and we all need the aforementioned mix of the masculine and the feminine energy.

Masculine energy differs from feminine in that it is linked to ambition, striving, asserting, and persisting.

So, this sort of energy helps us stay resilient in the face of obstacles.

It can also gives us the momentum we need to reach our highest goals.

However, when we have an excess of masculine energy, we can become excessively goal-focused and lose our sense of connection.

This can not only lead to shallower relationships but also to becoming out of tune without ourselves and our own needs.

The Divine Feminine Qualities

  1. Emotional driven, not purpose-driven
  2. Intuitive, not logical
  3. Internal energy, not external energy
  4. Flexibility, not strength
  5. Collaborative, not competitive
  6. To be, not to do
  7. Create and add graphic

How To Connect With Divine Feminine Energy

Now we have an understanding of the difference between feminine and masculine energy, let’s talk about how you can facilitate a divine feminine awakening.

Here are seven techniques you can start practicing today if you want to increase feminine energy and unleash the goddess within.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Pranayama Breathing

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Pranayama Breathing

Pranayama is an ancient breathing technique that can immediately help you tap into your feminine energy.

It helps you to fully inhabit your body, to experience the present moment and to feel the deep connection you have with the universe.

To practice pranayama (sometimes called ‘moon-piercing breath’), first find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.

Relax your body, and touch your thumb and middle finger to the space between your eyebrows – this is the space that represents your third eye, or the seat of your intuition.

Next, close your eyes, and press down on your right nostril with your thumb so that when you breathe in, you do so through your left nostril only.

Then, swap over, pressing down on your left nostril as you breathe out, so that you exhale through your right nostril only. Practice this sequence at least twenty times, and notice how you feel.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Movement

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Movement

Feminine energy is a kind of energetic kinetic energy.

Moving your body will always help you connect with your femininity.

Any form of movement will work here.

For example, you can use yoga or any form of dance.

Feminine energy is often described as being like the wind or the ocean, as it is constant motion and forever changing.

If you want to awaken your inner goddess, chakra dancing is one of the very best movement techniques you can use.

To practice chakra dancing, light several candles, and turn off the lights. Put on a piece of music that makes you feel connected to your emotions, and close your eyes.

Then, dance in whatever way feels most natural to you.

There’s no set movement or style you need to use – this exercise is all about getting in tune with melody and feeling, and letting your body express your responsiveness.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Journaling

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Journaling

As we noted at the outset, you tap into – and build – your feminine energy when you connect with your feelings and intuitions.

Journaling is a great way of practicing self-expression.

It can also facilitate emotional healing by helping you to process emotions and experiences.

If you feel like you don’t know how to journal don’t worry.

Set a small, manageable goal like writing a page (or even half a page) at the end of the day.

You can outline what you’ve experienced, or you can choose just to capture a meaningful moment that resonated with you.

If you’re already experienced at journaling and are looking for ways to build your feminine energy, challenge yourself to dig deep into one feeling in each entry.

Where did you feel it in your body? What triggered it? If it was a color or a shape, what would it look like? What does it inspire you to do?

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With A Sacred Space

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With A Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space is a wonderful way to prepare a meditation area or a place to journal.

If you think about it, you already have experience in creating sacred space.

You do it every time you sink into a candlelit bubble bath or make your living room beautiful for a dinner party.

This technique is just a new way of activating and strengthening that skill.

Cleanse the space by using a smudge stick or palo Santo stick.

If you don’t have one of these, you can walk around the room with a white candle, starting from east to west. As you move, say “I cleanse this space of all that is not mine.”

Then, choose an item for the space that represents each element – perhaps another candle for fire, a stone for the earth, a feather for air, and a bowl of water. Add your own further items that make the space feel comfortable and unique.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Mudras

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Mudras

Mudras are hand gestures that you can use to shift your energy towards the divine feminine.

A particularly powerful one is the Yoni Mudra, which helps to calm your thoughts.

To adopt this gesture, hold your palms together and point the fingers downwards.

Then, open up your palms into the shape of an inverted triangle – image the thumbs as the stabilizing base of that triangle.

Finally, flip your middle finger, ring finger, and little fingers so that their backs touch.

At this point, you should be pointing your thumbs upwards a little.

While the Yoni Mudra emphasizes peace, the Kali Mudra is about using your feminine energy for power and change.

It is named after the destructive and creative goddess Kali.

To adopt it, lace your fingers together and plant your left thumb on top of the right thumb.

Then, straighten your pointer fingers, touch them together, and point them straight ahead.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Self Love

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Self Love

Consistently and diligently practicing self-love is perhaps the very best technique for increasing the divine feminine energy inside you.

This means not only learning to love your body but also learning to love your soul – flaws and all.

Self-love is about recognizing your unconditional value, and about expecting others to recognize and respect that too.

We all struggle with this, especially if we were raised to associate our worth with our looks or our successes.

One thing you can do to build self-love is to practice self-compassion meditations.

Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, and take a few minutes to center yourself.

Then, repeatedly recite an affirmation like “I love and accept myself for everything I am” or “I embrace my power and my divine feminine energy.”

You can use any statement you like, as long as it supports self-love and respect.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Sexual Energy

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Sexual Energy

As we noted at the outset, divine feminine energy is also innately sensual.

One way to tap into this is to perform another kind of movement session, allowing yourself to really move your hips and dance as seductively as you can.

It’s also important to address the negative lessons you may have internalized about sexuality.

Women are often shamed for female sexual energy.

Be conscious of whether you tend to shut down your own sexual thoughts.

Make a habit of letting them in, of being curious enough about them to follow them wherever they lead.

Divine Feminine Quotes To Awaken Your Inner Goddess

devine feminine quotes

“When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.”
– Teri Degler

“The deep Feminine, the mystery of consciousness, She who is life, is longing for our transformation as much as we are.

She holds back, allowing us free reign to choose, nudging us occasionally with synchronicities, illness, births, and deaths… But when we make space for Her, she rushes into all the gaps, engulfing us with her desire for life and expression.

This is what She longs for, this is what we are for: experiencing the Feminine through ourselves.

We simply need to slow down and find where to put our conscious attention.

And it is this, this willingness to look again, this willingness to put consciousness onto our places of unconsciousness, to express what we have always avoided, which starts the process of unblocking, so that She may flow through.”
– Lucy H. Pearce

“Women are emotional in order to feel the divine energy at the highest levels and be supreme healers and lovers and mothers. Not to drive men insane. Her deep spiritual connection to feelings is to inspire a man to his spiritual heights as well. She is an oracle.”
– Raja Khan

“Vulnerability is the most transformative, life-changing and life-affirming aspect of the Divine Feminine”.
– Freya Dwyer

“If we can rediscover in ourselves the hidden beauty of this receptive devotion, if we can learn how to be still without inaction, how to ‘further life’ without willed purpose, how to serve without demanding prestige, and how to nourish without domination: then we shall be women again out of whose earth the light may shine.”
– Helen M. Luke, The Way of Woman. Awakening the Perennial Feminine

Awaken Your Female Energy Through A Kundalini Activation Hypnosis

Now that you have started thinking about the role divine feminine energy plays in your happiness and well-being, perhaps you’re ready to practice further techniques that help to build that energy.

Kundalini yoga is a liberating form of yoga that taps into the spiritual and sexual elements of our feminine power.

In particular, it helps to remove blockages that might stop you from engaging with your Shakti. However, for Kundalini yoga to work for you, it’s necessary to be in the right mindset.

Something to explore further on another day. For now, I am allowing the thoughts on feminine energy to take seed and begin to sprout.

It is in returning to that which is natural, that which is orderly and symbiotic with Mother Earth will balance be returned to humanity. Right now, today, perhaps the best thing we can do is to just sit and ponder the moment we are living in.

Sit solid in whatever emotions arise. Allow them to come to the surface. Allow them to be experienced. Don’t run from whatever discomfort might be brought up. but rather breathe into that space. For each day we allow ourselves to do just that, each day the burden we carry will become lighter.

For now, and for always, Namaste.

Putting My Cape Back On

Let the Sculpting Process Commence! My own personal science experiment!

The Sunday before the BIG DAY! Not something I dread, rather something I embrace with new excitement and raw vigor, especially at the beginning of a new year. Jumping into a new workout routine, workout program in January, a natural part of my cycle.

My actions now, setting the tone for the year out ahead, so I like to start strong. I like to start focused. Moving with purpose. A distant goal, wrapped in multiple layers of smaller just as significant goals, that will become the stepping stones to my final masterpiece.

It has to do with the fact my out door life has quieted down for a few months. These winter days meant for more inward, deep searching, stretching, challenging growth. Allowed to fully blossom with the coming of the spring.

So this year, certainly more than any other, I look forward to beginning my new year, embracing my annual inward search for life giving energy. Any more, it’s gotten to be a pretty fascinating process for me to observe. Typically doing so, in more of a 3rd person vantage point, yet highly in tune to what is happening to my physical being in the process.

Embrace your fear! Step through it!

It truly does become a transformation. A donning of my cape if you will, and acknowledging my super hero abilities. We all have them. I’m not special in that way. What sets me a part has been my almost incessant search for higher levels of vibrational energy. That to me is the food that makes me human. That to me is the purpose for me being a live. To feel alive! And I refuse to settle for anything less.

God made me a little rebellious with a purpose. All you reading this who know me and are shaking your head “Yes!”, you know. You know exactly who I am. The person within who likes to challenge the status quo.

Well, this year, my motto is “Go Big or Go Home!” I’ve been talking my talk for many years now. Many good friends humoring me, most thinking she’s only just talk, but others knowing, “This girl is going to do all she has said she would and more.” That is just how I am wired to be.

Now its time to take this trail to its new beginnings. 2021, a year to make Dreams Become Reality! Clear your mind of any negative thoughts! Be the vessel of clear love-giving energy.

Be the Change! Feel Fabulous! Take Back Your Own Life! Renew Your Spirit! Feel Alive Again! Be Rebellious! Be Free! Be a Winner! Manifest! Set your intentions!

I know what I’ll be doing! Workouts begin tomorrow! Time to get back in alignment and raise the vibration!

Namaste my friends!

Reclaiming Humanity

This weekend, I ran across something I had scribbled in the back of the book The Beginning is Here 2013! back in 2012 when I first read it. A book that is a compendium of wide ranging views about the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, relating to prophecies and associated physical changes of Earth’s structure.

Many believed during that time, that the onset of 2013 would be the physical end of our existence. But, when the year came and went, and we didn’t all get raptured, or disintegrate, life went right on accelerating at an increasing warp speed with burgeoning detriment. The masses asleep and oblivious. Unaware of the deep rooted decay occurring not only to the planet, but more importantly to the people inhabiting it.

My words back then:

Inner peace does not exist. There’s constant struggle with doing more, being better, consuming more. When does it stop? When is enough, enough? I guess we’re going to discover, not as a solitary decadent country, but as unified planet falling to our demise.

The question is, how do we respond? Do we react out of fear? Or, do we dig down deep within our individual selves, put aside our vices and addictions, to uncover our true potential, our sacred selves?

… The time is now, if we haven’t already, to make that decision of who we are, and how we will react. It is time to wake our spirits up!

Almost a decade later, that time is now! The time for people to start to feel again. To go deep within. Begin to experience those sensations, called emotions, that arise when we let them. Commence to get in touch with those parts of our hearts and souls that are the component that make us human.

For far too long, Americans, and western civilization, have been unaware or nonreactive to the world’s downward spiral. Lives accelerating at a faster and faster pace. Pushing to advance on the next wrung of the ladder, accumulating excessive wealth and materialism. All at the expense of not only our planet, but perhaps, more importantly, of our own humanity.

That paradigm is ending now though. With evil people doing even more and more evil things as the masses grazed in the fields, it looks like I have my answer to what it would take. The Wuhan virus literally bringing the planet to a stand still, to a halt.

Truth is hard to take. Especially when we’ve allowed ourselves to go so far astray. But, it’s time we man and woman up! It’s time we stop “the party”, (Well, actually “the party” has been stopped for us.) It’s time we step out of our numbed down place of arrested development and start reclaiming that which truly makes us human. Our emotions.

We have souls, each and everyone of us, which have been waiting quietly and patiently. Souls that contain immense fire, raging passion. But, we have allowed them to be buried in the deepest part of our psyche. It’s time for a little excavating.

Once we begin to go to that place. Once we put our egos aside and allow ourselves to feel a bit vulnerable, buried treasures will begin to be exposed. Each layer we allow ourselves to chisel away and remove, richer and richer gems will be unearthed. The brilliant jewels we have been searching heedlessly to find, will come to the surface, and we will begin to realize that which we have been searching for has always been so very close.

Just like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, that which she had sought out along the dark and twisting yellow brick road, had been inside her all that time.

It is time we reclaim humanity. It is time we get up off our bottoms and actually do something to make a difference and recover the life blood of our beings. Find that heart felt excitement back, feel passion again, experience love of life and love of nature, but perhaps even more importantly, love of self.

I know I have. Because for me, a free spirit, that was the only choice. Living an emotionless, numbed down life, was not an option.

It took dredging through the muck and mire of all the pain God wanted me to endure, so that I could grow. So I could open up even bigger. Getting to the other side where I could reclaim my soul, so that I could be the Light for others, to help them do the same.

Why? Because Revolution Begins With Me.


“Trust in Yourself”

All my adult life I’ve had this overwhelmingly strong connection to the Native American culture. The way they lived before white man came in and destroyed their land and their way of life.

Always in tune to wildlife and the animals I encountered. Respecting and finding the amazing beauty in all. No surprise, several decades ago when I first learned of animal totems, or spirit animals.

Animals from the turkey vulture to the coyote, bald eagle to moles, cranes to deer, (the day after the election the most wonderous stag!) all have been very wise council to me over the years.

This Sunday I was prompted to look a bit closer at a specific animal that’s been in my life all summer, but actually ended up getting backseat to a couple others.

We live in the country, relatively isolated, but next to us we have neighbors who now have a deserted barn. It sits right off our property line. A mother skunk decided it would be a great place to raise her family. Opening our windows most of the season was not an option.

One of our cats, the young inquisitive, overly friendly male, was the first to let us know they were around. I was to learn tomato juice does not actually cut the smell once sprayed.

Sunday, I discovered something had been in our garage. Monday I found the visitor. It was one of the skunk family members. He thought our garage a good new living space, the barn closed up for the winter.

Monday night I set a trap, Tuesday morning I found success. My daughter and I released it several miles away near a small pond. The amazing thing to me, through the whole ordeal, it never “raised a stink”. It just wanted to make me aware that the message it carried for me was building in importance.

The skunk is one of the most widely recognized mammals, but one of the most misunderstood. What wise council had it come to share?

He had several messages …

How to give respect, expect respect, and demand respect. But first, build up your self-confidence and develop your strength and sense of independence. You will have the respect to get where you wish to be.

Skunk moves along at its own pace. Self assured and confident. It wants to teach the same. Be more self-assured and know how to assert yourself. It presents the opportunity to become more confident with your interaction with others.

Skunk wants to teach us how to get more attention without being arrogant and irritating. Symbolizes the importance of being who you are and living authentically without caring about other’s opinions.

Skunks are fearless, but they are also very peaceful. They move slowly and calmly. They only spray as a last resort. Because they are peaceable by nature, they always give warnings before spraying. They teach us to meet life’s challenges with a calm and peaceful heart.

Skunks spray from the moment their eyes are open. This reflects the intense energy levels that individuals with this totem are often born with. They place an emphasis on being distinct. Trusting in yourself and living on your own terms by setting your own boundaries Walk your talk is the only way to set an example for others.

Their are both spotted and striped skunks. The striped the most common, with either a double or single stripe. This is an indication of the active flow of kundalini or life force. Individuals with this totem, the kundalini is usually already active. Skunk shows up at a time to amplify and to teach the control and use of t his life force more effectively.

A solitary animal for the most part, skunks remind us there are times best for drawing towards people and times best to avoid them. Finding the correct balance will bring prosperity. Also urges you to rely on yourself more.

Skunks are usually quite silent. It is good for those with this totem not to blow their own horns. Sit back and let others do the noticing for you. Skunks teach us when its best to be noticed and how to go about it most effectively.

When skunk shows up as a totem you are going to have opportunities to bring new respect and self-esteem in your life. Don’t worry about your reputation. Its only what you think of yourself that matters. The rest will follow.

You have the courage and will power to “raise a stink” and to make right something that is wrong. Justice needs to prevail at this time. You do not need to “spray” to be compelling. Your reputation proceeds you. Stand your ground calmly and with confidence.

What animals have entered your life in the physical world or in a dream? They are most likely trying to tell you something.

Animals bring me significant advice that is so relative when they do. Skunk was no exception. I needed to hear the message he brought.

I will always have my eyes and ears open, especially to the beauty of nature. One more step for my betterment because … the Revolution Begins With Me.

Notes taken from Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews

Spirit Animals Totems https://www.spirit-animals.com/skunk-symbolism/

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

One of the numerous things I love about my Mid-Missouri home is the incredible beauty Mother Earth surrounds us with. A favorite spot for many locals is the Katy Trail, an old railway turned into a walk/bike trail that runs the expanse of the state.

A benefit of more free time currently, has been to frequent it. Instead of two or three times a season, I am getting out there two or three times a week. The Rocheporte Trailhead being the closest and perhaps one of the most scenic. This time of year especially gorgeous as the colors along the riverfront and bluffs are turning.

The Big Tree in nearby McBaine is usually an end destination for a longer ride. It wasn’t until last Monday that my 14 year old daughter suggested we go the other direction. I thought, “Huh! What a novel idea!” Have we really been going out there for so many years, and I had never had the thought? The obvious beauty heading east along the Missouri River, what sort of terrain would we discover going west? We had even spent significant time down on the riverfront years ago, how could we really have never thought to bike westward?

Just a short distance in, we discovered this intriguing tunnel, looking somewhat ominous, as sunset neared. There was mystery and intrigue surrounding it. A sense of adventure as we entered.

We were to discover incredible beauty lay on both sides of the trail.

I got to thinking about it after the fact, looking at the pictures. How many analogies to life our trip and my photos of the tunnel reminded me of.

How often do we take the path we know? The routine? The obvious? Thinking that’s the only way. Closing our minds to the endless possibilities, options, and ideas that exist in unknown territory. Then, we get so locked into our perceptions, we eventually come to think its the only way.

Having become such a divisive country over the last 20 years. How refreshing it would be to go back to a time when minds once again were open. Opinions from one another valued and examined, rather than shut down and slandered because they’re not similar to our own.

Another thought I had was the experience of traveling through the tunnel, moving through the unknown. It’s dark, a bit daunting. The mindset one is in, certain to effect what emotions are elicited upon entering and traveling. Certain to effect the experience. Some people claustrophobic, afraid of the dark or enclosed spaces, it might be uncomfortable.

When I stopped on my return trip back through, heading to our car, looking at the tunnel walls, the texture, the color, the rock it was formed out of, the echo heard within, the actual atmosphere and temperature. So much strength and power held within. So much history. It became a miniature expedition.

A final thought as I looked at my pictures, a thought that inspired new possibility. The potential for the “Light at the end of the tunnel”. The thought, so analogous of where we are now as a nation. Incredible uncertainty in every direction.

Fear, the overwhelming emotion invoked in so many as our lives have been so drastically altered. Demanded to where masks everywhere we go. Large portions of our cities closed down including schools and churches. Watching and reading stories, some of us living with it outside our front doors, of our cities filled with rioting, buildings being burned to the ground. National monuments being toppled over.

The picture of the Rocheporte tunnel, in my mind, inspires a future filled with Hope. One of a brand new beginning. Not the new beginning being pushed on us though. A new beginning that is centered in love. Not hatred and fear. This era’s spiritual awakening.

That ray of Light shining bright and getting brighter, I hang onto the image of the “Light at the end of the tunnel,” for in my world this country has only one direction to go, and that’s a place filled with peace. And, I am certain to do my part to see that it occurs, for I know … the Revolution Begins With Me.

The Power of Your Inner Voice

The United States of America is on a rapid downward spiral and I for one am not going to sit back and watch it happen. A healer, a mystic, and a visionary, I accepted my place several decades ago as a one day voice for an impending REVOLUTION.

Research and facts of the reality of what has been happening in my country for the expanse of my 55 years of life were readily discovered when I dare to begin listening to the voice within and start questioning some of the “storylines” mainstream media feeds us.

It was the Spirit of 1776 that allowed our founding fathers to win the Revolutionary War. It was the spirit and will of the people that garnered a win and put an end to slavery during the Civil War. Likewise, with Martin Luther King and countless others during the Civil Right’s movement.

That spirit has gotten lost somewhere in time. Rediscovery of our spirits is imminent!

I spent last winter not only reading and digesting my favorite yogi, Seane Corn’s new book, The Revolution of the Soul, but allowing the process of deep healing to occur.

As Sean thoroughly explains, the pain and trauma from our lifetime is deeply embedded in our muscles and tissues. Through the practice of yoga, the various asanas, those emotions are allowed to be brought to the surface, with introspective work we can allow those scars to heal and be released forever, freeing up a new expanse of energy for our souls to find new life.

I came out of what turned into a highly transformative winter through this process. I had myself aligned with the Universe, the Divine, my God. Feeling more strength, confidence, and courage than ever before in my life, yet knowing it was only the beginning.

When the Corona virus hit and our planet was basically shut down, there was surprise, but no amazement for me. Most importantly, there was no fear. I was perhaps more excited that the ignorance and complacency of the vast majority was finally going to be challenged. People were going to have to stop “partying”, start to open their eyes, and finally begin to question the truth about the country they live in.

These emotion only accelerated when the rioting began with the death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020. Hitting particularly close to my heart, a Minnesota native, hearing first hand accounts as the Twin Cities was looted and burned. The revolution I knew was impending had been launched. Not the violent revolution, but the revolution of the soul.

Safely tucked away in my country oasis several states away, I submerged myself in the splendor and glory of Mother Earth. Enjoying perhaps the best summer of my life, knowing that my hard inner work had been done. Knowing that although difficult times lay ahead for our country as a whole, the mindfulness I had stayed focused on would keep me and my family from experiencing the pain of what others were just beginning to feel.

The battle ground is heating up as election day nears, the most significant election of my lifetime by far. Perhaps the most significant election since the days of the Civil War. I have done and continue to do my part to prepare for the possibilities of what is to come. Historical times sit on our front porch. It is up to each and every one of us to seriously hone in on that voice within. Time to get right with ourselves, our God, and the world around us.

I said decades ago, battle lines had been drawn and people needed to pick a side. That battle early this year finally made itself obviously known. Right now only beginning to build in intensity. The question remains, what part will you play? I know my answer, I chose to be a bright Light, for the Revolution Begins With Me.