Spiritual Awakening Of The Earth

There comes a time in the life of a people, when what has gone before must give way to the new, and what has been thought of as a way of life and a standard for defining the normalcy of days, must adapt itself to a new current of light and life that now enters the picture. Such is the time for America today and, indeed, for the world, for the old ways of doing things are about to give way before a new consciousness that shall envelop both the nation and the world. This new consciousness will shine a light more brightly than ever before on the internal mechanisms by which people think, feel, and make choices in their everyday lives. All that is hidden from the eyes of others will become known to the self, and the motives that are less than desirable will also become visible to the illuminated awareness.

This greater consciousness is meant to be a great gift, though it brings with it the problem of having to finally deal with those things that one would rather have concealed from the self or put away until such time as it seemed more comfortable to take them out. Nevertheless, awakening consciousness to the true nature of the self is of great and priceless benefit, for it enables each soul to finally become free of all that holds it back from realizing its true potential. For this self-constriction is not based on circumstances that flow through life and come and go, but rather on the inner nature of deeply held thought and belief which define the expectancies and the fruits of a life. These are the building blocks out of which the flow of life is created.

In the present moment, the movement toward greater visibility of self is still quietly moving along subtle channels, creating little disturbance of the inner landscape. It is still not being perceived as the wave of change that it is, and only some who are more sensitive to the ebbs and flows of thought and feeling, or those who are suddenly having to deal with stronger surges of darkness and negativity are becoming aware of what this wave is bringing. Yet, within a short space of time, many more will become aware of the things that have been hidden and will need to know what to do with all the levels of thought and feeling that suddenly become part of everyday awareness.

For this understanding to root itself in the place where healing and transformation can occur, it is necessary that God enter the picture. For the phenomenon of illuminated awareness is not caused by the self, nor by any motives that reside within, nor by any external circumstance. Rather the phenomenon of awakening is caused by Divine timing and ordination which has finally moved to sound the call for humanity’s movement forward, and to shine the light of truth into the domain of ordinary consciousness. This is the time of the great purification for mankind, and for the letting go of that which needs to be let go of in order that each soul become free.

There are some who will continue to feel hardened to their own inner process of learning and who will deny it in others, and there are some who will feel abused, or humiliated, or attacked, by their very own self and the inner life that is opening. What is important to remember at this time is that what begins in confusion will end in hope. What begins with distress at things that have never been experienced before, will end in a simplicity of being and an expanded space within the self that will bring greater peace and a greater capacity to share oneself with others in a true way. It will also bring, in the end, a greater awareness of God’s love and of God’s gifts to humanity.

All forms of life are moving into this next step of awakened consciousness, and all forms of nature will be affected as well by the increased light of awareness. Yet it is the human being who will be most acutely affected since it is human awareness that is differentiated in the most subtle and complex ways and that responds most to the emotional domain of existence. Nevertheless, all of nature shall respond to this call to awaken, and both plant and animal life shall feel and seem more alive, more vibrant, and more conscious.

This is the miracle of the time we are in and for which all souls have waited, namely, that the life of God that has existed in all beings without exception, shall finally become more visible, and ordinary reality as it exists in trees, brooks, grass, leaves, clouds, air, mist, earth – shall finally take on the visibility of light that has always been part of the structure of life-forms, but never part of their radiance. Now, life shall radiate light.

For those who fear this time, it is important to know that all who are here on the earth have come in order to be part of this great transition, and there is no one who will not be helped with the process by Divine aid as well as by the light of their own soul. The music of that soul shall begin to sound more loudly in the ears and hearts of each one, and each one shall begin to find the inner guidance that will lead them through the newness and uncertainty of this time.

Blessed are those who have come to share in the great awakening of the earth and of human consciousness that is part of the present moment. May all be blessed and may all perceive the true nature of God’s sacred reality as it arrives to bless the earth.


Awaken Your Inner Goddess With Your Divine Feminine Energy

Tap into the beauty of your Divine Feminine. Begin to manifest all that you truly desire.

One conscious focus added to my tool box for success over the last year, has been a stronger awareness of the feminine energy within that typically takes backseat to our masculine energy.

While divine masculine and divine feminine energy are equal in value, each offers unique benefits and powers.

Regardless of your gender, you can tap into aspects of both forms of energy and use them to empower yourself to succeed.

However, if you’re female, you have access to a form of divine feminine energy that makes you more intuitive, emotionally aware, self-motivated, and collaborative.

This type of energy will serve you well no matter what your goals – whether you want to find love, follow your best career path, accumulate wealth, or simply become happier.

But what do you need to do to access this energy?

In this article, we’ll first explain what divine feminine energy actually is, and how it differs from masculine energy. Then, we’ll help you tap into your own feminine energy today, with seven effective practical techniques.

By harnessing and using your distinctively female power, you prime yourself for success and to become your very best self.

What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

There’s a balance of masculine and feminine energy within all of us.

So, what do we mean when we talk about feminine energy?

This is the energy of intuition – the kind that comes from your gut, and from your heart.

It is also the energy of interpersonal connection.

It gives rise to empathy, to sensuality, and to receptivity.

When we are full of this energy we tend to gravitate toward the path that is most emotionally fulfilling for us.

Feminine energy fosters strong, intimate, and nurturing bonds with other people.

It promotes self-compassion and self-love as well.

The Difference Between Divine Feminine And Masculine Energy

The Difference Between Divine Feminine And Masculine Energy

Masculine energy is also very valuable, and we all need the aforementioned mix of the masculine and the feminine energy.

Masculine energy differs from feminine in that it is linked to ambition, striving, asserting, and persisting.

So, this sort of energy helps us stay resilient in the face of obstacles.

It can also gives us the momentum we need to reach our highest goals.

However, when we have an excess of masculine energy, we can become excessively goal-focused and lose our sense of connection.

This can not only lead to shallower relationships but also to becoming out of tune without ourselves and our own needs.

The Divine Feminine Qualities

  1. Emotional driven, not purpose-driven
  2. Intuitive, not logical
  3. Internal energy, not external energy
  4. Flexibility, not strength
  5. Collaborative, not competitive
  6. To be, not to do
  7. Create and add graphic

How To Connect With Divine Feminine Energy

Now we have an understanding of the difference between feminine and masculine energy, let’s talk about how you can facilitate a divine feminine awakening.

Here are seven techniques you can start practicing today if you want to increase feminine energy and unleash the goddess within.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Pranayama Breathing

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Pranayama Breathing

Pranayama is an ancient breathing technique that can immediately help you tap into your feminine energy.

It helps you to fully inhabit your body, to experience the present moment and to feel the deep connection you have with the universe.

To practice pranayama (sometimes called ‘moon-piercing breath’), first find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.

Relax your body, and touch your thumb and middle finger to the space between your eyebrows – this is the space that represents your third eye, or the seat of your intuition.

Next, close your eyes, and press down on your right nostril with your thumb so that when you breathe in, you do so through your left nostril only.

Then, swap over, pressing down on your left nostril as you breathe out, so that you exhale through your right nostril only. Practice this sequence at least twenty times, and notice how you feel.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Movement

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Movement

Feminine energy is a kind of energetic kinetic energy.

Moving your body will always help you connect with your femininity.

Any form of movement will work here.

For example, you can use yoga or any form of dance.

Feminine energy is often described as being like the wind or the ocean, as it is constant motion and forever changing.

If you want to awaken your inner goddess, chakra dancing is one of the very best movement techniques you can use.

To practice chakra dancing, light several candles, and turn off the lights. Put on a piece of music that makes you feel connected to your emotions, and close your eyes.

Then, dance in whatever way feels most natural to you.

There’s no set movement or style you need to use – this exercise is all about getting in tune with melody and feeling, and letting your body express your responsiveness.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Journaling

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Journaling

As we noted at the outset, you tap into – and build – your feminine energy when you connect with your feelings and intuitions.

Journaling is a great way of practicing self-expression.

It can also facilitate emotional healing by helping you to process emotions and experiences.

If you feel like you don’t know how to journal don’t worry.

Set a small, manageable goal like writing a page (or even half a page) at the end of the day.

You can outline what you’ve experienced, or you can choose just to capture a meaningful moment that resonated with you.

If you’re already experienced at journaling and are looking for ways to build your feminine energy, challenge yourself to dig deep into one feeling in each entry.

Where did you feel it in your body? What triggered it? If it was a color or a shape, what would it look like? What does it inspire you to do?

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With A Sacred Space

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With A Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space is a wonderful way to prepare a meditation area or a place to journal.

If you think about it, you already have experience in creating sacred space.

You do it every time you sink into a candlelit bubble bath or make your living room beautiful for a dinner party.

This technique is just a new way of activating and strengthening that skill.

Cleanse the space by using a smudge stick or palo Santo stick.

If you don’t have one of these, you can walk around the room with a white candle, starting from east to west. As you move, say “I cleanse this space of all that is not mine.”

Then, choose an item for the space that represents each element – perhaps another candle for fire, a stone for the earth, a feather for air, and a bowl of water. Add your own further items that make the space feel comfortable and unique.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Mudras

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Mudras

Mudras are hand gestures that you can use to shift your energy towards the divine feminine.

A particularly powerful one is the Yoni Mudra, which helps to calm your thoughts.

To adopt this gesture, hold your palms together and point the fingers downwards.

Then, open up your palms into the shape of an inverted triangle – image the thumbs as the stabilizing base of that triangle.

Finally, flip your middle finger, ring finger, and little fingers so that their backs touch.

At this point, you should be pointing your thumbs upwards a little.

While the Yoni Mudra emphasizes peace, the Kali Mudra is about using your feminine energy for power and change.

It is named after the destructive and creative goddess Kali.

To adopt it, lace your fingers together and plant your left thumb on top of the right thumb.

Then, straighten your pointer fingers, touch them together, and point them straight ahead.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Self Love

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Self Love

Consistently and diligently practicing self-love is perhaps the very best technique for increasing the divine feminine energy inside you.

This means not only learning to love your body but also learning to love your soul – flaws and all.

Self-love is about recognizing your unconditional value, and about expecting others to recognize and respect that too.

We all struggle with this, especially if we were raised to associate our worth with our looks or our successes.

One thing you can do to build self-love is to practice self-compassion meditations.

Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, and take a few minutes to center yourself.

Then, repeatedly recite an affirmation like “I love and accept myself for everything I am” or “I embrace my power and my divine feminine energy.”

You can use any statement you like, as long as it supports self-love and respect.

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Sexual Energy

Connect To Divine Feminine Energy With Sexual Energy

As we noted at the outset, divine feminine energy is also innately sensual.

One way to tap into this is to perform another kind of movement session, allowing yourself to really move your hips and dance as seductively as you can.

It’s also important to address the negative lessons you may have internalized about sexuality.

Women are often shamed for female sexual energy.

Be conscious of whether you tend to shut down your own sexual thoughts.

Make a habit of letting them in, of being curious enough about them to follow them wherever they lead.

Divine Feminine Quotes To Awaken Your Inner Goddess

devine feminine quotes

“When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.”
– Teri Degler

“The deep Feminine, the mystery of consciousness, She who is life, is longing for our transformation as much as we are.

She holds back, allowing us free reign to choose, nudging us occasionally with synchronicities, illness, births, and deaths… But when we make space for Her, she rushes into all the gaps, engulfing us with her desire for life and expression.

This is what She longs for, this is what we are for: experiencing the Feminine through ourselves.

We simply need to slow down and find where to put our conscious attention.

And it is this, this willingness to look again, this willingness to put consciousness onto our places of unconsciousness, to express what we have always avoided, which starts the process of unblocking, so that She may flow through.”
– Lucy H. Pearce

“Women are emotional in order to feel the divine energy at the highest levels and be supreme healers and lovers and mothers. Not to drive men insane. Her deep spiritual connection to feelings is to inspire a man to his spiritual heights as well. She is an oracle.”
– Raja Khan

“Vulnerability is the most transformative, life-changing and life-affirming aspect of the Divine Feminine”.
– Freya Dwyer

“If we can rediscover in ourselves the hidden beauty of this receptive devotion, if we can learn how to be still without inaction, how to ‘further life’ without willed purpose, how to serve without demanding prestige, and how to nourish without domination: then we shall be women again out of whose earth the light may shine.”
– Helen M. Luke, The Way of Woman. Awakening the Perennial Feminine

Awaken Your Female Energy Through A Kundalini Activation Hypnosis

Now that you have started thinking about the role divine feminine energy plays in your happiness and well-being, perhaps you’re ready to practice further techniques that help to build that energy.

Kundalini yoga is a liberating form of yoga that taps into the spiritual and sexual elements of our feminine power.

In particular, it helps to remove blockages that might stop you from engaging with your Shakti. However, for Kundalini yoga to work for you, it’s necessary to be in the right mindset.

Something to explore further on another day. For now, I am allowing the thoughts on feminine energy to take seed and begin to sprout.

It is in returning to that which is natural, that which is orderly and symbiotic with Mother Earth will balance be returned to humanity. Right now, today, perhaps the best thing we can do is to just sit and ponder the moment we are living in.

Sit solid in whatever emotions arise. Allow them to come to the surface. Allow them to be experienced. Don’t run from whatever discomfort might be brought up. but rather breathe into that space. For each day we allow ourselves to do just that, each day the burden we carry will become lighter.

For now, and for always, Namaste.

The Magic in Numbers

The first time I was exposed to the significance of numbers was almost 20 years ago. I thought the concept foreign, but interesting.  A Physician’s Assistant I was working with in the transplant ICU as a critical care nurse initially shared, telling me that when the number 11:11 appears it means angels are watching you. It began frequently finding its way into our lives.

We eventually would start dating, and as he didn’t like my birthdate, December 23rd, being so close to Christmas, he “changed” it to 11/11. This was significant being Veteran’s Day and him a veteran, a combat medic during the Vietnam War.

Five years after this number was given meaning, as I began to write my first book, The Advocate, the number 11:11 started showing itself quite frequently, as did many other synchronicities in my life. Synchronicities I would hone in on and really start being attention to.

Tickets to Bob Segar’s farewell concert. My favorite band during high school. Seen him twice before.
Of course I had to get seats in row 111!

Through several of life’s larger transitions, and during every period I needed to dig deeper into myself spiritually, the numbers would start popping back up. Not just 11:11 any more, but other repeating numbers. By this time, I had discovered their relevance as “Angel Numbers”, the Universe at large speaking to anyone paying attention.

Perhaps, one of my most memorable moments of “numbers” speaking to me was three years ago, when I was headed back home to Minnesota for my 35th high school class reunion, a three day event I had been in charge of organizing. An eight hour drive turned into eleven hours (there’s that number again) after forgetting my wallet while stopping for food, but not realizing until an hour and a half down the road.

My 11 year old daughter along side me, we ended up stopping at the first hotel we seen after crossing the Minnesota border. Of course, it was off Exit 11. We checked in at the front desk, “Room 38,” the clerk told us.

Going to unlock the door, I stopped with a pause, as did my daughter. Looking at the number on the door, and thinking closer to what the clerk had just audibly said, “Room 38”. I exclaimed a loud, “Wow!” That was the name of the restaurant/bar my youngest son worked at, my two younger sons both really good friends with the owners.

Many more times that weekend, triple digit numbers would appear before us. The Magic of the Universe making Herself known.

Wrapping the reunion up, I was with a good friend I had known since my earliest memories of the age of 3 or 4. We were at the lake I had called my “second home” as a child.

After taking a walk down along the water, along with my husband, we ended up back at the pavilion where we had picnicked with our classmates. Everything else had been picked up and put away except two large Mylar balloons with our class year on them, “83.” Only in the wind, they had turned themselves around, “38”.

Wow! I had not thought of or noticed that before. Telling my friend about our stop at the hotel, someone who is like minded as me, she pointed out, 8+3=11. There was my number again!

Last year, once again, with great transitions happening in my life, repetitive numbers everywhere. Not so much, 11 anymore, but mostly 444, and then, in the month of December 555. All month long, there it was, everywhere, 555! It wasn’t until a couple days before my birthday, that it hit me. I was turning 55!

The numbers 555, one of several meanings, “A Major Change Is Coming Your Way,” the most relevant. It made so much sense. I had been on a 15 year mission to return my Soul to Self. All cues and synchronicities leading up that moment, knowing I was very close. Transition, a new life outside my door, for I had done the hard work.

Greater Magic awaits me on this journey (and anyone else who cares to open their minds to the magick and synchronicities of life)  … for Revolution Begins With Me.

Reclaiming Humanity

This weekend, I ran across something I had scribbled in the back of the book The Beginning is Here 2013! back in 2012 when I first read it. A book that is a compendium of wide ranging views about the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, relating to prophecies and associated physical changes of Earth’s structure.

Many believed during that time, that the onset of 2013 would be the physical end of our existence. But, when the year came and went, and we didn’t all get raptured, or disintegrate, life went right on accelerating at an increasing warp speed with burgeoning detriment. The masses asleep and oblivious. Unaware of the deep rooted decay occurring not only to the planet, but more importantly to the people inhabiting it.

My words back then:

Inner peace does not exist. There’s constant struggle with doing more, being better, consuming more. When does it stop? When is enough, enough? I guess we’re going to discover, not as a solitary decadent country, but as unified planet falling to our demise.

The question is, how do we respond? Do we react out of fear? Or, do we dig down deep within our individual selves, put aside our vices and addictions, to uncover our true potential, our sacred selves?

… The time is now, if we haven’t already, to make that decision of who we are, and how we will react. It is time to wake our spirits up!

Almost a decade later, that time is now! The time for people to start to feel again. To go deep within. Begin to experience those sensations, called emotions, that arise when we let them. Commence to get in touch with those parts of our hearts and souls that are the component that make us human.

For far too long, Americans, and western civilization, have been unaware or nonreactive to the world’s downward spiral. Lives accelerating at a faster and faster pace. Pushing to advance on the next wrung of the ladder, accumulating excessive wealth and materialism. All at the expense of not only our planet, but perhaps, more importantly, of our own humanity.

That paradigm is ending now though. With evil people doing even more and more evil things as the masses grazed in the fields, it looks like I have my answer to what it would take. The Wuhan virus literally bringing the planet to a stand still, to a halt.

Truth is hard to take. Especially when we’ve allowed ourselves to go so far astray. But, it’s time we man and woman up! It’s time we stop “the party”, (Well, actually “the party” has been stopped for us.) It’s time we step out of our numbed down place of arrested development and start reclaiming that which truly makes us human. Our emotions.

We have souls, each and everyone of us, which have been waiting quietly and patiently. Souls that contain immense fire, raging passion. But, we have allowed them to be buried in the deepest part of our psyche. It’s time for a little excavating.

Once we begin to go to that place. Once we put our egos aside and allow ourselves to feel a bit vulnerable, buried treasures will begin to be exposed. Each layer we allow ourselves to chisel away and remove, richer and richer gems will be unearthed. The brilliant jewels we have been searching heedlessly to find, will come to the surface, and we will begin to realize that which we have been searching for has always been so very close.

Just like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, that which she had sought out along the dark and twisting yellow brick road, had been inside her all that time.

It is time we reclaim humanity. It is time we get up off our bottoms and actually do something to make a difference and recover the life blood of our beings. Find that heart felt excitement back, feel passion again, experience love of life and love of nature, but perhaps even more importantly, love of self.

I know I have. Because for me, a free spirit, that was the only choice. Living an emotionless, numbed down life, was not an option.

It took dredging through the muck and mire of all the pain God wanted me to endure, so that I could grow. So I could open up even bigger. Getting to the other side where I could reclaim my soul, so that I could be the Light for others, to help them do the same.

Why? Because Revolution Begins With Me.