It’s About the Energy

A super hero lies within each and everyone of us!

It was obvious from birth I was different from most my age. Weighing at 9 lbs. 15 oz. and 23 inches long, I was a big new born.

Definitely not stopping there, I continued to grow, and didn’t stop until I was 5′ 9″ and 11 years old. (I won’t mention my weight, but it is the same as I weigh now.) Not remarkably tall for an adult woman, but awkwardly tall at that age.

It wasn’t only my height that set me apart though. It was my brain and the way it functioned, received, and processed data.

Aware I was always a visual learner, it wasn’t until adulthood and the birth of my oldest son that I really began to analyze the lenses I used to look at the world.

Knowing we were painfully similar at times, I began searching out answers to nurture his gifts at a really young age.

Energy…powers the world!
What type of energy will you contribute?

The word “energy” started presenting itself in many formats. One that would become a constant in my life as a mother, was “Your son is extremely high energy! He’s non-stop hyper. His mouth is never silent.”

Yes!! This was all quite accurate, but buried deep within that hyperactive, uniquely verbal, unsilencable tornado was a highly intelligent, profoundly gifted child. It became my mission to seek out ways for him to best be understood, and the other 3 children that followed as well.

In my early years, especially as a nurse, I had bought into the whole ADD/ADHD diagnosis. Now I know many of the psych diagnosis are only there to help Western medicine physicians categorize and medicate phenomenon that don’t make sense in this unnatural world.

Time, and critical nurse analysis, have caused me to come to the conclusion its not the individual that is “disordered,” its our society.

Our society is so out of balance with its natural order, that these children, and adults, who were born more tuned into their natural environment, are out of rhythm, out of sync with the false paradigm orchestrated around us.

I knew I was going against the grain back then, but I set out with a new intent. To raise my children so that society DOES NOT strip them of their spirit’s and the spiritual gifts bestowed upon them.

That conscious decision as a young adult has completely altered the way I look at life. I began to turn more inward, to my unique extraordinary self.

I DID see things differently, and having gone through a period where I had healed significant childhood scars, even more ENERGY was bestowed upon me.

It became my life’s high, seeking out opportunities where I could get that solid self-gratifying energy rush.

I knew a primary source was caring for others; my patients, their families, my children. People would ask how I could do what I did, give so freely from my heart, and my response was, “I do it for selfish reasons.” Because doing so makes me feel better.

Flash forward 30 years, and my initial discovery of “energy” has grown exponentially. Now it has other words I may use to describe it; chi, Prahna, Holy Spirit, ect. The life force that truly makes us human. The life force that is purposefully being drained from humanity. (But that’s a whole other article.)

Any more, at my age, absolutely everything I do, and all that I see is “energy” focused.

Decades ago, gradually leaving the world of 3-dimensional living, moving more directly into a 5-dimensional paradigm, with my visual acuity the strongest in the non-physical realms. Frequencies of higher consciousness that many might argue aren’t even real, I am capable of seeing as clear as any sun-filled day.

Consciously knowing that all I do is focused on cultivating and harvesting energy. In other words, living in the world of art and creativity. Whether its gardening, writing, crafting, nurturing a pet or family member, exercising. All that I do ends with the result of positive energy generated. And, in doing so, keeps me on a positive upward growth curve.

Knowingly, those skills and talents had been focused on my own self-healing, and that of my family for quite some time.

Last year, the first year to break that cycle. All “energy” generated was poured into my new creative sense of being, knowing my day to step up on a bigger platform was almost at hand.

The by-product of years of tending my fields for their best harvests paying off. There was nothing but bright lights and wide open spaces out in front of me.

I see this as no chance coincidence, the vision I had always shared with my sons, “We will be climbing above, when everyone else has fallen,” having come true. Though, never could I have imagined it so literally. Yet, I know God has prepared me for this time.

My Light within emitting more radiance than it ever has. The power of that energy just beginning to make itself known.

It’s all in the “Energy”. Staying aware of it, and moving it in the right direction. The time for me now … to take it over the top!

I know I have crazy talents lying dormant within me. The truth is, the majority of us do. The truth is the majority of us will never discover the great wealth we carry within because we’re so busy chasing material wealth, the novelties in 3-dimensional living.

A new paradigm has opened though. A new vision of the planet beginning to take shape. Each day more and more individuals waking up to that which has lied dormant within for a lifetime.

I move forward … my heart calm, my soul at peace, knowing inside me lies the power to change the world … and the drive to do so. I step out into the new year, 2021, filled with strength, courage, and grace. Time has come to step into myself because … Revolution Begins With Me.


Anxiety…Got Me On The Run!

The clock is ticking down to what is certain to be the epic climax, not only to what has been the most fabulous year for me personally, but also one of the most memorable moments for any mother.

My eldest son, and his fiancĂ©, who live in Hollywood, (not in the profession-but perfect place for my one time thespian son to find himself) and whom I very seldom get to see, (going on three years now), have their rescheduled wedding planned for December 11th, in Excaret, Mexico.(Fingers crossed it doesn’t get cancelled again.)

I should be excited, overjoyed, elated, but instead, the last week I find myself each morning running from, at times, the most suffocating sensation of anxiety.

One time, never an emotion I ever even experienced, free spirit open and uninhibited to all challenges. After my six year “sentence,” otherwise known as my life in Oklahoma City, and all the stress and trauma that was inflicted, from the nursing profession, but also because of the issues and behaviors I was dealing with from my youngest son at the time, it became an immobilizing sentiment.

Fifteen years to heal and move past what I thought was all of it, clearing my psyche of so much negative baggage, these moments are taking me quite by surprise. Each moment, this sensation in the pit of my chest trying to choke me of life. Rob me of the enjoyment of anticipation.

I know this is the last go round though. I know once I make it through this, that chapter of my life will be closed forever. Moving on to much more beautiful and creative times, way beyond my wildest imagination.

The key now though, … is getting there.

A little more than three weeks to go! Departure date, December 9th, approaching quickly. Suitcase on the spare bed, already starting to be packed. I am trying to alleviate any last minute flare ups by being as prepared as I can be.

Once I’m there, I know it will be one of the most fabulous moments of my lifetime. Spent with my daughter, who is traveling with me, and one of my other sons and his girlfriend. The other son in the Navy, unable to get away. Five days with my family on the Gulf of Mexico, in the most glorious setting, participating in my eldest son’s wedding, sure to be magickal.

My primary goal at hand is to keep my nerves calm and my mind at ease. My plan of action, be at peace. Live in the moment.

I have made arrangements for care of all of the animals in our Oasis. Have plans to stay with my stepson and wife near the airport the night before. Checked and rechecked my flight schedule and baggage and covid restrictions. Everything that physically needs to be done is taken care of.

Beyond that, start my day with meditation and prayer.

Write every morning, either in my journal, or in my blog. Keeps my nerves calm.

Don’t place unnecessary expectations on myself. Do only that which absolutely needs to be done. Don’t procrastinate in doing it.

Eat as healthy and “clean” as I can. Which to me means no caffeine, (gave up my daily cup of coffee last week), cut out all sugar, and no alcohol. Also, drink my daily intake of water-at least 8 cups.

Pay attention to the world around me. And enjoy the beauty in nature. I type this as I watch two white tailed deer leaping up the hill behind my now bare Mystical Forest. There to perhaps remind me to be gentle and kind not only to others, but perhaps more importantly, to myself.

Exercise daily. Typically meaning to get to the gym to lift weights. But, yoga, and cardio are thrown in the mix as well. Usually everyday. Usually in a varied combination, including a walk through our Oasis when the weather is permissive.

Be creative. Do the things that bring me joy, whether it is cooking or cross-stitch, late fall garden work, decorating the house for the holidays. All the things that inspire and uplift.

In other words, Nurture my mind, body, and soul in all ways I know how.

This will pass, and on the other side, I will have grown stronger and my soul will be even more at peace. Best of all, I will be sitting on the white sandy beaches of southeast Mexico, thanking God for all the beautiful blessings be has bestowed upon me.

For I don’t need to be perfect. I am human, my range of emotions making it so. I will be as kind and as loving as I can be to all, most especially myself. For I know, life is one crazy magickal ride, and I need to make the most of it because … The Revolution Begins With Me.

Trust In The Plan

Spiritual Warriors Arise!

I’m not afraid to die. Especially not for my country.

A near death incident January 7th, 2005, I was given the option of crossing over, or staying on the planet, 100% committed to sharing my story and following God’s plan. I made my choice.

I had just turned 40, was the mother of 3 sons, the oldest a senior, the youngest in 3rd grade with a young life of severe behavior problems, and unknown to me, soon to be pregnant with my only daughter.

My life was in a million little pieces and I was suffering more pain than mentally, emotionally, and spiritually comprehensible.

I had already been through a lot. Divorce. Isolation from people who called themselves family. Becoming ill with what western medicine physicians called “chronic fatigue” (being a nurse and being tenacious I knew there was a different cause.) Later to learn and be treated for severe mercury poisoning by an alternative medicine DO. The suicide of my father, the only person in my life I could always count on, when I was 29 and finishing my last year of nursing school.

I was strong, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. and physically. Getting into body building at age 26 as a way to help eleviate the symptoms from my then undiagnosed heavy metal poisoning. I knew who I was and what I was made of.

So at this point, finding myself, the Phoenix, in ashes on the ground, I knew I could and I would rise stronger and more powerful than ever before. 100% certain of that because this time I let God do the leading.

I’ve spent the last 15 years healing my family, healing myself, and moving towards “THAT DAY”. “THAT DAY” when I would be asked to take the next steps to move out and share my message with the world.

Last year as my eldest 2 sons continued to impress me, not only with the success in their careers, (both finishing top of their class, going on to become engineers working in the computer/ technology world) but as strong confident men who gave back to the world around them. My youngest son, the one whose pre-kindergarten principal kicked him out of school and told me he “would be in an institution by the time he’s 15,” graduated from Navy bootcamp at the age of 23. Not just graduated though, but graduated top 3% out of over 1000 sailors. Proving not just to me, but most importantly to himself, what he is made of. (Having already had to jump through 6 months of hoops to even qualify for the Navy.)

I knew my time was at hand. My sons were all in amazing places. God was preparing me for my next steps. A fall and winter spent with glorious opportunities coming my way.

Then CoVid hit. And, as the rest of the country/ world went into a state of fear, a state of unrest, and panic, I continued to flourish. Knowing God had purposefully had me go through MY hard times so I would be ready for now.

The destruction of our country to a new level beginning in my home state of Minnesota. Parts of the rioting and burning happening near the hospital I used to work at.

A best friend, in the thick of the riots the first week as the local fire marshal and emergency Red Cross responder. Other friends living or working in the parts of the city being burned. All of it just confirming, MY time is near.

I had left the life of consumerism and avarice, returning to an “unplugged” version of living. And, I have been awake and watching the last 20 years as our country has been dismantled from the inside.

I have been waiting for THIS DAY because I knew it was coming. I sit in the solitude of my Oasis,, unaffected on a daily basis by what is happening out there, wondering how this will all play out.

For one thing is certain, we’re NEVER going back to what we were. The other thing that is certain, Americans’ lives are going to get a whole lot worse before they start to get better.

I sit in my Mystical Forest preparing for what is to come. Preparing to be “called” up to do my part to defend my country.

Hard times are here. Fortunately, I have had the foresight to raise and prepare my family on all levels. We are the warriors. And, I for one am ready to defend. Ready to die for my country because … The Revolution Begins With Me.