Meet Our Newest Family Member! Apollo!!!

Though written several seasons ago, this was never published. Today seems like a perfect time to do so. Ten months in, Apollo has been the best addition to our family during this crazy time to be alive!! He brings us CONSTANT HAPPINESS!! And already has created many beautiful memories with us.

We met this little nugget and his siblings over the Christmas Holidays!! Sis decided this was the one for her!!! A long awaited for Christmas present (14 years of wanting….)

Meet Apollo!!! The one new constant in my world that I find changing rapidly more and more each day.

Apollo was one of a litter of seven. Two females and 5 males. (Never dawned on me until just now that minus one of the females, that would be my children. Our combined family, mine, yours, and ours…. Five sons, one daughter.)

His mother, Zoey, belonging to my son and his girlfriend that live in Wisconsin. His girlfriend, and her identical twin, both veterinarians. Both own and breed Golden Retreivers. We knew puppies were expected around Thanksgiving, but we never imagined we were going to own one.

After the excitement of the delivery, Ryan, my son text if we wanted one. My immediate response was “No” because being a dog owner never seemed like it fit our schedule. The responsibility and their extra needs, compared to our 3 cats, or our 2 geckos, and even our 21 chickens. But…. after giving it a bit of thought … it seemed that actually, this would be the perfect time to have a puppy.

So, post-Mexico trip, we had the excitement of knowing we would have a family of puppies in our home for the Christmas holidays, and Sis would get to have first pick on the males for her Christmas present. Her best Christmas present ever!!

But, everyday Apollo is there to love us and bring excitement and joy. So, I thought it would be perfect to share that love with everyone in my blogging community. Because love and joy are where the answers will be found moving forward.

He officially became part of the family January 22nd when we brought him home from Madison, WI with us.

Excitement in our house every day now. New trips to part of the area we have never explored before and new things to be learning from our new friend everyday! the dynamics in our home changed forever.

I haven’t felt like blogging as my being feels in a kaleidoscope of energy. Mixing and remixing with new pictures being made everyday, but the image not necessarily staying for any longer than that. Transformation through the paradigm shift certainly underway.

Some of his first steps were in the backyard in the snow, so he loved it when a few days in we got a decent snow in Missouri.

Favorite Winter spot after playing in the snow!
Golden Magic ALL AROUND!! Mom, sister Evie, and their Golden friends!!
Apollo had his own vacation in June when Sis & I took a cross country tour across the western US after saying goodbye to my son and his wife moving to London, England.
Apollo likes to make friends with anyone and anything!
His HAPPY PLACE!!! just like me!!
Perfect breed for my water loving daughter! Many wonderful memories this summer at the lake!

Wishing all good health and much wisdom to maneuver through the darkest times this country has seen since her birth in 1776. Spoiler alert! God’s side wins, but MUCH TO ENDURE before then!!

Much love and peace. The Revolution Begins With Me.