I Gave My Word!

It’s in lending a helping hand…and your own hard work… that those who want to make it to the top will.

I’ve been on a small hiatus. The paradigm shift powerfully underway. The energy constantly changing. I feel like a different better version of me, almost minute to minute, growing stronger and closer to God every day.


In saying that, I want to share a video I found on a new blogger friend’s website. Kevy Michaels Seasons As My Teacher. Check out his site! Great things to be discovered! Seasons As My Teacher – Kevy Michaels


Transformation underway on a massive scale. This time for many of us, a time to pull inward, to reassess. Be diligent about the energy we allow into our lives. For me, if it’s not of an extremely high vibration….it has no purpose in my life. If it wasn’t already gone, it is now.

Deep heart healing underway!!! Funny how I can think the pain has ALL found its way to the top and out…when more hurt and trauma from even deeper within surfaces. That has been my last 2 weeks.

I have a sense its been many people’s as our country was blanketed in the coldest, longest stretches of winter we’ve endured for awhile. (The 1st time I’ve ever felt like I was in my home state of Minnesota during a winter in Missouri. Below 0 temps for almost 2 weeks. Several snowstorms.)

February a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual planes is thinner. Always a deep painful month for me, but with great rewards when spring arrives and a new version of self evolves.

Sensing this year, millions of people are experiencing this…maybe for the first time. It’s the deep painful work we as a country have been avoiding. Not much choice about it now. You either go down with the ship or heal yourself so that you’re allowed to rise above the chaos that is becoming our everyday life.

More of a ramble today. Try and clear my brain. (A bit under the weather though, so may not be as productive with that as I’d like. Definitely a detox yoga day!)

I keep inching on down the road. Big things to come. I GAVE MY WORD…SO I’M GOING TO DO IT! because revolution begins with me.

Much love and positive energy to all of you out there!!

Putting My Cape Back On

Let the Sculpting Process Commence! My own personal science experiment!

The Sunday before the BIG DAY! Not something I dread, rather something I embrace with new excitement and raw vigor, especially at the beginning of a new year. Jumping into a new workout routine, workout program in January, a natural part of my cycle.

My actions now, setting the tone for the year out ahead, so I like to start strong. I like to start focused. Moving with purpose. A distant goal, wrapped in multiple layers of smaller just as significant goals, that will become the stepping stones to my final masterpiece.

It has to do with the fact my out door life has quieted down for a few months. These winter days meant for more inward, deep searching, stretching, challenging growth. Allowed to fully blossom with the coming of the spring.

So this year, certainly more than any other, I look forward to beginning my new year, embracing my annual inward search for life giving energy. Any more, it’s gotten to be a pretty fascinating process for me to observe. Typically doing so, in more of a 3rd person vantage point, yet highly in tune to what is happening to my physical being in the process.

Embrace your fear! Step through it!

It truly does become a transformation. A donning of my cape if you will, and acknowledging my super hero abilities. We all have them. I’m not special in that way. What sets me a part has been my almost incessant search for higher levels of vibrational energy. That to me is the food that makes me human. That to me is the purpose for me being a live. To feel alive! And I refuse to settle for anything less.

God made me a little rebellious with a purpose. All you reading this who know me and are shaking your head “Yes!”, you know. You know exactly who I am. The person within who likes to challenge the status quo.

Well, this year, my motto is “Go Big or Go Home!” I’ve been talking my talk for many years now. Many good friends humoring me, most thinking she’s only just talk, but others knowing, “This girl is going to do all she has said she would and more.” That is just how I am wired to be.

Now its time to take this trail to its new beginnings. 2021, a year to make Dreams Become Reality! Clear your mind of any negative thoughts! Be the vessel of clear love-giving energy.

Be the Change! Feel Fabulous! Take Back Your Own Life! Renew Your Spirit! Feel Alive Again! Be Rebellious! Be Free! Be a Winner! Manifest! Set your intentions!

I know what I’ll be doing! Workouts begin tomorrow! Time to get back in alignment and raise the vibration!

Namaste my friends!

“Oil Can!”

March 2020. Pre-Covid.
Making bigger strides this year!

After close to a month off due to travel and holiday plans, I started back exercising Monday, doing workouts from home. Mostly focusing on yoga for a while to regain some flexibility.

Aches and pains finding there way into my joints where I haven’t been used to feeling them. “Has my age finally caught up with me?” My mind wonders reflecting on my birthday that just passed.

Going back to my favorite Seane Corn, Detox video, one that incorporates stretches and twists through a great variety of asanas. Ultimately releasing tremendous tension and unknown stress.

After the first few vinyasas, my body is seriously feeling it!! “OIL CAN!!” I hear the tinman’s request loud in my head as I experience the pulling of tendons and tissues, proclaiming my stiffness more loudly than typical.

My neck pops and creeks, audibly confirming the dissatisfaction of my body to the fact I took some time off. A painful reminder of exactly why I don’t like to hiatus from my workouts, because returning hurts as if starting over.

It’s a good hurt though. One that is becoming less intense with each new stretch. Finding some relief, only to go further into the bend.

The end comes and I am greeted with the physical relief of not all, but at least some of my physical pain. Tomorrow is another day, and I will keep “oiling” my joints until I am once again moving pain-free with the flexibility of a teenager.

My point, starting a new exercise routine is never easy.


The first thing you need is MOTIVATION! Motivation to not only start, but to carry you through the sticking points of “This hurts too much! It isn’t worth it!”

It hurts because your muscles aren’t conditioned. They’re screaming at you for not utilizing them the way they were meant to be used. Too much time sitting behind a computer or laying on the couch.

Listen to that hurt. I say there’s a good pain and a bad one. One can feel the difference. The good pain comes from your body celebrating your decision to become more mobile. The bad pain shoots a warning sign to your brain, saying, ” You keep that up, you’ll end up in the ER!” Heed your warnings!



For me, any more, this is second nature. Somewhat organic, allowing my plan to materialize as I begin making forward steps. For the average person, this is not true, so know what your goal or goals are.

What is it you’re wanting to accomplish? More flexibility? More muscle tone? Weight/inches loss? Increased strength? Cardio endurance?

Set up a program, or get with a trainer, that will start you moving in the direction of success. Success comes in increments, so celebrate all the small victories as well as large.


To me working out is about a lifestyle choice. It’s not an unrealistic goal I try to keep for a brief amount of time, but rather a way of life I nurture and support with my food intake and exercise choices. So, in other words, Be Kind To Yourself!!

Don’t go into this with a perfectionist mindset. Its not all or none. You will make choices you’re not always happy with, give yourself some leeway here.


Starting out, I liked to keep a journal. Documenting all I ate and drank, but also my workouts and exercises. This allowed for me to go back and acknowledge my gains in the gym, and help see my weak spots with my diet. Always remembering to be kind with myself on both.

These are just a few thoughts on getting a new routine started, and keeping it going. Priming the mind for the beginning of new lifestyle changes that come with the 1st of the year.

I don’t use the word resolution because that word to me has evolved some negative connotations. To me, it’s all about a lifestyle choice. Doing a self inventory, either mentally, or I find more concrete results when written down on paper.

That’s where my mind is now. Running its year long analysis of my strengths and weaknesses. What I want to become better at. What negative behaviors I can leave behind.

This winter, I am truly dedicating to discovering “beautiful”. Mind, body, soul. What is the best version of me? A work of art in the progress.

Using my physical being as my modeling clay, I am setting out to sculpt the most fabulous version of me! Knowing full well that true beauty begins on the inside and radiates out.

Join me on my journey. Begin and take action immediately along with me! Or find the inspiration along my journey and jump in at a later date.

I love what I do! Love the results I feel! There is no way to explain it but to experience it for yourself. It creates a whole new mindset. Frees up live giving Prahna, or energy, to focus on more creative life-giving purposes.

I move forward with passion in my heart, and excitement in my belly. It’s the only possible direction for me to move in because … Revolution Begins With Me!

And best regards for all to tap into their true potential of self in 2021!