Divine Feminine: Manifesting-Part I

I want to take this in bits and pieces. I’ve really been trying to wrap my mind, body, and soul around the creative forces of Divine Feminine Energy. Knowing I have reached the abyss and taken my leap, my wings seem to be fairing well for the initial launch.

I am highly in tune that the manifestation process keeping the chakras and energy centers open and allowing the energy to freely flow through.

There’s been a sort of lull, as it feels like my conscious self, over the course of a month, has been scattered into a billion little pieces into the cosmos. Not necessarily something I am concerned about, aware that the portal to an enormous paradigm shift has recently been completely opened. It will take time for the Universe, powered by human consciousness begin to shape.

I’ve been extra nurturing and permissive with my time and emotions lately. A myriad of good, bad, wild & exciting, and heart wrenching emotions moving through me. I know in time they will sift themselves out and something never before experienced will have evolved in the process.

Until then, one of my foci, is to be as grounded as I can be. As out in nature and as tuned in as possible. Getting my “Lumber Jill” on the last couple days with my new Stihl chainsaw I bought in the summer. Don’t mess with a woman and her power tools.

Today, was the beginning process of hauling some of my cut wood. I really think it’s going to be a cathartic process over the winter.

My neighbor cut 10-15 trees in his back 40 with the intention of my husband and I turning it all into firewood. I think I see it becoming a source of some very powerful inner work. Stay tuned.

My point, the fresh air….AMAZING!!!! As long as the wind isn’t cold, I am good and I want to be outdoors. At least a little bit! Today was good. Hauled some wood. Raked and swept my back porch.

It’s barely into winter, but tiny tastes of spring are offered. Ideas of what I can be doing now to be preparing for spring outdoor beautifician. I cherish my outdoor work, in spite of my cold toes. Perhaps flipflops were not the best shoe choice.

The warmth of the wood stove and comfort the comfort of some hot tea, my body does a big sigh as I allow it to find rest. Peace for my soul. Grace in the beauty and energy experienced in the Oasis. There is no better communion than a few minutes alone with God and Mother Earth.

The Divine Feminine within me being nurtured to find her voice.

What is divine feminine energy?

(*Sophie Bashford)

Divine Feminine energy is a universal frequency that is the cornerstone of our physical and spiritual existence. It is the vibration of the Great Goddess: the spiritual mother and ultimate life-giver.

Goddess Consciousness is a state of awareness connected to the feminine life force. This is a container for heart and soul wisdom, to natural and divine laws, and to loving, harmonious and peace-enhancing behaviours.

Divine Feminine energy also gives rise to Divine Masculine energy, as it is a ‘home’ or ‘cosmic mother’ for all of creation.

5 steps to begin igniting your divine feminine energy

Feel your Feelings

Many of us expend enormous energy running from our feelings. Emotional connection and release are often portrayed as weak or purposeless in masculine-driven societies.

A disconnection from the divine feminine essence usually harbours a disconnection to emotions.

To unlock divine feminine energies, we need to access, fully feel, and release our feelings without judgement. Stagnant feelings become held not only in the physical body, they are also locked in the ‘spiritual body’. This blockage can restrict the flow of divine feminine energy.

Safe spaces are vital for the process of truly feeling your feelings and releasing deeply held emotions. You may find this safe space with a therapist, a counsellor, a spiritual mentor or a supportive healing circle. You may find it with close friends, however when you first begin processing your deep emotions it can be important to find a place that is professional and/or autonomous. This gives you a ‘container’ that is based on total trust and clear boundaries.

As you begin to allow yourself to fully feel your feelings without judgement, have them witnessed with compassion, and not run from them, the true essence of the Spiritual Feminine can begin to flow through you once again.

Emotions are a source of Goddess Wisdom. By giving credence to your emotions, and honouring them in yourself and others, you are tapping into a treasure chest of long-suppressed spiritual feminine energy.

I embrace the beauty of each day. I know everyday won’t be a happy one, but I do know how to each day make myself happy. This is my freedom of choice and I will embrace my freedoms each day with renewed vigor and renewed commitment to what they stand for.

I move forward with confidence and grace because … Revolution Begins With Me.