Planetary Karma

I’m not here to point a finger, but as a unified whole, we have an overwhelming amount of planetary karma to live out.

The world completely out of balance from its natural rhythm, its natural cyclic course. To anyone awake and watching, it has been beyond obvious that the pendulum was going to have to start to swing in the other direction.

The last century focused on destruction, all in the name of “progress”. People living mindlessly to the reality happening all around them. “Living from the ego” being the way of the land, with the human spirit neglected and all but forgotten.

The times we are living in now are Biblical. Natural order not allowing the once slow, but rapidly increasing annihilation of the globe to continue. Individuals focused on their own insignificant wants, as evil spread across the land like an invisible deadly gas.

In the world, but not of the world, I’ve been watching closely, clearing my own karma, making amends for my own past, and healing my own personal deep wounds. All the time wondering when the gauntlet was going to fall, with the year 2021 foremost in my mind.

May 31st, 2021 to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Riots, the most heinous act of violence by Americans to their own people since the days of the Civil War. The largest loss of American lives since then on United States soil, yet up until a few years ago, virtually unheard of. Certainly not something found in any public high school or state university history book.

Even after 8 years of having a black man in office of the United States president, no reparations were sought to try and make amends to the victims, surviving and deceased, and their families. Still no public acknowledgement that this heinous event even occurred.

Over 300 African American residents were slaughtered when white mobs descended on Tulsa’s Greenwood district. Hundreds of homes and businesses were looted and torched, reducing much of the 35-square-block section of the city, commonly referred to as Black Wall Street, to rubble.

My own personal awakening to this event, over 10 years ago as I researched for my book, The Advocate, just exactly what made Oklahoma the deplorable place I discovered it to be during the time I lived there. This event was one out of several horrible occurrences as a state that I unearthed. Certain now, that there are many stories just like this, perhaps not as large scale, but that exist across our country.

Side note: Disheartened, but not surprised, speaking to a woman who worked as a journalist for the Tulsa Tribune, (the paper responsible for initiating the riot) back in the 1970’s, likewise, she had done her own investigating. None of the 328 people brutally murdered that day had any sort of death certificate on record.

All of these evil deeds, and ones that continue today at an accelerated pace, are coming into the light as the take over of our country tries to near its completion. People are FINALLY starting to wake up.

I am not alone in my viewpoint, or in my soul’s purpose. A planet scattered with Mystics and Healers, Lightworkers, and Shaman, all with minds, hearts, and souls open and aware that the planetary energy is changing, and that there is a dynamic paradigm shift underway. Each tuning in and doing his/her part to help ease the transition.

2020 descended upon the planet with the majority in shock and horror. For those with their eyes already open, the surprise was the cause, not the events themselves, with indicators becoming more and more obvious that dark times were descending.

The question becomes now, what do we do? How do we respond?

For me, the answer is easy. I have been preparing for this moment for more than two decades. Well aware, I will be on the forefront. Compassionate, yet vocal, as people open themselves, most especially their spirits, to a kinder, more gentle way of life on the other side.

There is no more living with blinders on, feeding our egos while the multitude suffer impalpably. The big curtain of evil pulled back with the attempted steal of the 2020 United States presidential election. Mainstream media still pumping the propaganda as the number of awake or awakening individuals finally tipping in the direction of change.

It is certain that hard times lie ahead, for significant transformation can only occur through tremendous upheaval and chaos. But, the “good men” and women are finally stepping up and stepping out. Igniting the fires of their souls to reclaim their country, to reclaim humanity.

Many will look on, confused, dazed, unaware which side loyalty and truth truly lies on, but that becomes irrelevant because the number of good God fearing Patriots out number. The long awaited for Revolution I have envisioned is underway and accelerating at warp speed. For those unsure of what is happening, best step out of the way!

Days ahead to become even more challenging, more formidable. History is in the making. I take my front row seat as it all begins to accelerate because … Revolution Begins With Me.